Thursday, June 30, 2011

India to Get Nerpa Akula-II N Submarine by End of 2011

India would receive its first new generation Nerpa Akula-II class nuclear attack submarine, which is undergoing sea trials in Russia, by the end of this year, a top Russian official has said. "The Nerpa will be handed over to the Indian Navy on lease by the end of this year," Director of Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) Mikhail Dmitriyev was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.Under a USD 650 million confidential deal, part of the aircraft carrier 'Admiral Gorshkov' package, Russia is to give India the Nerpa on a 10-year lease, to be inducted as INS Chakra.

Israel delivers B-350 ISR aircraft to Latin American customer

Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary ELTA Systems recently delivered an additional compact intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to a Latin American customer.The delivered compact ISR aircraft is based on a Beechcraft B-350 platform and equipped with IAI-ELTA's communication intelligence system, a microwave datalink for real-time communication with a command and control centre, and the IAI Tamam division's MOSP stabilised day/night electro-optic sensors.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rafael to supply more 'Iron Domes' for Israel

Rafael is to supply four additional Iron Dome counter rocket systems to the Israeli defence forces. The US government has approved an extra $200 million for the systems.Iron Dome uses a unique interceptor with a warhead that detonates targets in the air within seconds.

SIGINT Version of Saab 2000 'Air Tracer'

Sweden's reputation for ingenuity was highlighted at the show on Tuesday evening, when Saab officials delivered a press briefing about the company's special mission aircraft programmes from several thousand feet above Paris. Proposed SIGINT version of the 2000 dubbed the Air Tracer, with a roll-on, roll-off version of its mission system also suitable for use with military transport aircraft.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

India set to order six more C-130Js

India is poised to sign a letter of request for six additional Lockheed Martin C-130J aircraft, which would bring its total fleet of the type to 12.The company is confident of concluding the deal for additional aircraft this year, said Jim Grant, vice-president of customer engagement for air mobility and special operations programmes at Lockheed Martin.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Indian Navy's P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Boeing has begun final assembly of India's first P-8I maritime patrol aircraft at its Renton factory in Washington, following delivery of the fuselage from subcontractor Spirit AeroSystems. India will receive eight P-8Is, a variant of the 737-based P-8A under development for the US Navy.

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Chinese Predator-like Wing-Loong UAV

Anybody missing General Atomics' retiring Predator family of unmanned air vehicles might find solace in a UAV from AVIC.The Wing-Loong is within a few millimetres in any direction of the Predator A. It has a 14m (46ft) wingspan, 9m length and a maximum take-off weight of 1,100kg (2,420lb), but it boasts the good looks of the larger Predator B's V-shaped rear end. It has ceiling of 16,400ft and a range of 2,160nm (4,000km), said AVIC.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Turkey Launches Armed Helicopter UAV Prototype

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has launched a small, armed, unmanned helicopter to expand a widening portfolio in the unmanned airborne systems market.Dubbed the R-IHA - the Turkish acronym for rotary-wing UAS - the prototype is expected to achieve first flight in mid-2012, said Gorkem Bilgi, business development leader at TAI's integrated helicopter department.The prototype design is listed with an endurance of 4h, a maximum take-off weight of 340kg with a 100kg payload, 10,000ft (3,050m) service ceiling and a top cruise speed of 100kt (185km/h).

Indian Army Short Lists PARS 3 LR Guided Missile System

MBDA’s PARS 3 LR guided missile system has been short listed for the Indian Army helicopter future air-to-ground requirement. MBDA Deutschland has delivered proposals for its PARS 3 LR multi-target, long range weapon system for HAL’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH DHRUV) and for two attack helicopters, the KAMOV KA-52 and the MIL MI-28. 

Three missiles were equipped with live warheads and all three struck their intended targets at the optimal hit points. Two firings were carried out within one minute of each other, the first against a static target at a range of 7,000 m and the second against a moving target at a range of 700 m. The third firing was carried out with the helicopter in fast forward flight against a static target at a range of 7,000 m.

Indonesia, Embraer sign Super Tucano contract

Indonesia and Embraer have signed the final contract for eight EMB-314 Super Tucanos, clearing the way for deliveries to start in 2012.The deal was announced in November 2010 following a bidding contest involving several other types, including the Korea Aerospace Industries KT-1. Indonesia's air force operates 11 KT-1s as trainers.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boeing confirms Indian air force has signed C-17 deal

Boeing has announced the signing of a previously announced order for 10 C-17s for the Indian air force that will extend production of the tactical airlifter by one year.The signing of the $4.1 billion order means that Boeing now has 28 C-17s in an order backlog stretching to mid-2014, with India now the largest of six international operators.

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Saudi Arabia Requests CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW)

Textron Defense Systems could be poised to sell its CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW) system to Saudi Arabia, with a deal to be worth a possible $355 million.Revealed by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) following a 10 June notification to Congress, the potential deal covers the delivery of 404 CBU-105D/B weapons and 28 integration test assets, plus test equipment and personnel training.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures of JF-17 Thunder with SD-10A BVRAAM

JF-17 Thunder fighter jet equipped with 2 x SD-10/PL-12 BVRAAMs (Beyond visual range Air to Air Missile) and 2 x PL-5 E II Within Visual Range (WVR) AAMs.

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Nuclear Borderline

China-Vietnam Dispute & Lessons For India

One can see that the intensity of the ongoing competition between China and Vietnam in claiming sovereignty over two disputed South China Sea island chains, the Paracels (Xisha in Chinese, Hoangsa in Vietnamese) and Spratlys (Nansha in Chinese, Truongsa in Vietnamese) is growing day by day. New Delhi should look closely at the implications of China's aim to become a "maritime power" for the situation in the Indian Ocean, a region of strategic importance to India.

India Should Develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles:IAF

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik has called for developmental of the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) with ranges of 10,000 km to ensure that India can deliver its nuclear weapons to any target around the world.

Indian Navy's MiG-29KUB Jet Crashes in Russia

A ship-borne MiG-29KUB fighter/ trainer, which was for the Indian Navy as part of the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier deal, crashed in south Russian Astrakhan region today, killing its two-member crew, a media report said.

British Watchkeeper UAV to make Afghanistan debut in December

The British Army will be ready to start using its first Watchkeeper tactical unmanned air vehicles in Afghanistan this December, following the completion of operational field trials that will commence in October. Maj Matt Moore, from the army's headquarters directorate, Royal Artillery, said one operational "task line" will be established in Afghanistan this year, with two more to follow by April next year and another three by October 2012.
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First Flight of C-130J Transport for Qatar

Lockheed Martin has announced performing the first flight of a C-130J tactical transport for Qatar from its Marietta site in Georgia, the USA.Carrying the tail number 211, the aircraft is one of four C-130Js on order for the Qatar Emiri Air Force.
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Indian Air Force May Buy Honeywell Engine for Jaguars

The Indian Defence Ministry is considering a proposal by the Indian Air Force to order 280 Honeywell F125N engines via the U.S. Foreign Military Sales route. That would make the U.S. company the winner of the $2 billion tender to supply engines for the Air Force's Jaguar fighter aircraft.The procurement process for Jaguar engines, floated in 2008, was halted and reduced to a single vendor when British competitor Rolls-Royce withdrew from the program early this year.

Aselsan Wins $1B Turkish Air Defense Contract

Turkey's largest defense company, Aselsan, has penned a 721 million euro ($1 billion) contract to sell low- and medium-altitude air defense systems to the Turkish military. This is the largest contract awarded to a local company this year.Aselsan said the low-altitude contract is worth 471 million euros, and the medium-altitude contract is worth 250 million euros.
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Book on Indian Air Force

Chief of air Staff, air chief marshal PV Naik, on Thursday released a 214-page coffee table book on the Indian Air Force (IAF), titled So that others may live, at a function in New Delhi.The opus chronicles hitherto unseen moments of succor IAF has rendered from as early as 1939, till date.

Over 250 photographs, from early years of Second World War to the present times, unfolds some of the lesser publicized role of the IAF in missions involving humanitarian aid, disaster relief and aid to civil power

Destroyed Libyan Fighter Jets at Misurata Airport

Libyan Rebels standing at the top of destroyed MiG-23 fighter jet of the Forces of Moammar Gadhafi
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

US to Re-Enter Indian MMRCA Deal with F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet

United States Must Stay Out of Regional Disputes: China

US Senate Approves Panetta as Pentagon Chief‎

India Bigger Threat Then Al-Qaeda:Poll in Pakistan

Turkish Air Launched Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM)

With a launch weight of 600kg Turkish Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) has range of 180km and carries a warhead of 230kg.

Turkish air force has recently displayed its first medium range Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM). Missile has been displayed along with F-16 fighter jets. SOM is developed by the Tubitak-Sage for the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.

Italian firm favours government route for military sale

Seeking to increase its share in the growing Indian defence spending, Finmeccanica, an Italian conglomerate, hopes that Italy could sell military and other equipment to India through the government instead of through the current commercial engagement. Stressing on the need for exploring the option, the country head of Finmeccanica in India, Paolo Girasole, told a group of Indian trade delegation to the Paris Airshow that this would give Italy the same advantages as those enjoyed by the U.S. and Russia. 

Obama keeps his word US troops to pull out from Afghanistan

As President Barack Obama had promised after taking up the reins of power, he has announced that 10,000 US troops will leave Afghanistan this year, beginning next month. An additional 20,000 troops will be back to the US in 2012. This means that he will try his luck for a second presidential term when nearly 70,000 members of the US armed forces will be there in the Afghan battlefield. The complete withdrawal will have to wait till 2014.

Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Aircraft

Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon is a 5th generation stealth fighter jet powered by twin-engine. It is being developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

Chinese Z-10 Gunship Helicopter

Chinese aerospace giant AVIC II was able to secretly develop Z-10 gunship helicopter program and kept it hidden from the eyes of the world for several years.

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IAF Seeks Direct Control of HAL

Pakistan Questions 4 Army Majors

Indian Mirage-2000 Upgrade Deal

Osama Bin Laden's Cartoons

Chinese J-15 Flying Shark and Varyag Aircraft Carrier

The J-15 Flying Shark is the Naval fighter jet developed to be used on the Chinese aircraft carrier. J-15 has folding wings, shortened tail and bulked-up landing gear to meet the requirements of landing and takeoff from an aircraft carrier. It is being produced at the Shenyang plant in northeast China.

Chinese M20 Precision Guided Ballistic Missile

Chinese Aerospace Long-March International Trade Company showcases the new M20 Guided Ground Launched Ballistic Missile Systems. M20 Guided Ballistic Missile is designed to attack the land targets with precision.Two M20 Precision Guided Ballistic Missile can be carried by a single transporter-erector-launcher vehicle.

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Pakistani Hatf IX NASR Multi Tube Ballistic Missile System

Pakistan has test fired the Short Range Surface-to-Surface Multi Tube Ballistic Missile `Hatf IX’ NASR on Tuesday. Hatf IX NASR has a range of 60 kilometers and can carry both tactical nuclear warheads and conventional warheads. Two Hatf IX NASR Ballistic Missiles can be carried by a single transporter erector launcher (TEL).

JF-17 Thunder Carrying LS-6 Precision Guided Glide Bomb

First Images of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet carrying LS-6 Standoff Precision Guided Glide Bomb. LS-6 uses GPS/INS-based guidance & targeting system with an optional terminal guidance system and pair of foldable wings to increase its range to 60 kilometers.
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JF-17 Thunder from No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' in Izmir Air Show

Pakistan air force has sent three JF-17 Thunder fighter jets from the No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' to participate in Izmir Air Show in Turkey.

France stops military equipment sales to Pakistan

France will stop sales of heavy military equipment to Pakistan hoping to assuage Indian concerns and prolong the recent success it has had in winning contracts from the Indian armed forces. Gerard Longuet , the French defence minister, began his two-day visit to India by assuring the country that France does not want to be seen feeding Pakistan's military ambitions. "Concerns did come up in my discussions with the defence minister about India's concerns.

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India and USA vow to defeat terrorism

Pakistan & Azerbaijan to Cooperate on Runway Penetration Bomb

Pakistani company Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) will jointly produce Runway Penetration Bomb (RPB) with Azerbaijan. This was announced by the marketing director of GIDS, Mohammad Salman at the IDEX-2011 International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

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Indian Navy to Order Additional 4 Boeing P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircrafts

IN has confirmed that it will order 4 Boeing P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircrafts in addition to 8 already on order. Cost of these new 4 P-8Is will be around $1.5 billion.

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F-16D Block 50+ For Turkish Air Force Unveiled

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) has unveiled 1st F-16 D Block 50+ for the Turkish Air Force. Turkish Air Force has placed order for 30 F-16 Block 50+ which will be build in Turkey by the Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc at its facility near Ankara.

New Prototype of Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark

Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark is based upon the Chinese J-11B /Russian Su-27K(Su-33) for the PLAN's aircraft carriers.

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173 UN peacekeepers lost their lives in 2010: Ban Ki-Moon

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in his message on the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers has said that last year 173 peacekeepers lost their lives due to natural disasters, violence, accidents and disease. The tragedies that have befallen on the United Nations peacekeepers this year are a sobering reminder of the risks entailed in their important work for peace, UN Secretary-General said.

Pakistan Tests Cruise Missile

India USA WarGames

Libyan Women Opposing Moammar Gadhafi: Libyan Conflict

Turkish Anka TIHA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

TAI Anka (Turkish for Phoenix) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is under development for the Turkish Air Force.TAI Anka UAV will have endurance of 24 hours and it will be able to fly at altitudes up to 9,150m.

F-16 Fighting Falcon Using Flares

Solo Turk - F-16 Aerobatic Team of Turkish Air Force

Indian Air Force Issues RFI for Long Range BVR Missiles

Indian Air Force (also known as Bhartiya Vāyu Senā) has issued a request for information (RFI) for the long range Beyond Visual range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) which can give advantage the Indian Air Force against its primary enemies like Pakistan and China.

Pakistan Navy to Purchase Two Missile Boats from China

Pakistan Navy has ordered two missile boats from China. First of these 500 ton missile boats will be manufactured in China and second one will be produced in Pakistan.

These missile boats will carry Chinese guns which will be guided by the radar to ensure the high precision against the targets. No details are available at the moment about the weapon systems to be carried by these boats.

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India and Russia to Jointly Develop 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft

India and Russia has signed an agreement for the joint development and production of the 5th generation stealth fighter jet. This contract is very much like the one for supersonic cruise missile Brahmos.
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