Sunday, July 31, 2011

Russia to supply nuclear submarine to India by year end

Russia will transfer the Akula-II class 'Nerpa' nuclear attack submarine to India on a 10-year lease by the end of 2011, Russian Naval Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky has said."There are no obstacles for the transfer of the submarine to the Indian Navy by the end of this year," Admiral Vysotsky was quoted as saying by Interfax.He said the Indian crew has undergone the full course of training and the submarine is being prepared for delivery trials.Under the lease contract, estimated to be between USD 650-900 million, India had funded the completion of the Nerpa nuclear submarine at Amur Shipyard before the Soviet collapse.

Indian Navy to commission INS Satpura on Aug 20

Strengthening its strike capabilities, the Indian Navy will commission its second indigenously-built stealth warship INS Satpura on August 20 in Mumbai.The second of the three-ship Project-17 Shivalik Class frigates built by the Mumbai-based Mazagon Docks (MDL) would be commissioned by Defence Minister A K Antony there, Navy officials said here.

India given choice to pioneer naval Typhoon jet

In anticipation of winning the Indian Air Force's $10.4 billion tender for 126combat jets, European consortium EADS has offered India a choice to pioneer a project for a naval version of theEurofighter Typhoon that is in the fray in what is being described as the "mother of all defence deals". Typhoon's competitor in themedium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) tender, the French firm Dassault's Rafale, already has a naval version that is operational on France's lonenuclear-powered aircraft carrierCharles de Gaulle. Officials of BAE Systems, one of the four partner companies in EADS for theTyphoon programme, told IANS during a visit to their RAF Warton production facility in Britain recently that India can exercise the choice of being a partner nation and leading the programme for the carrier-borne version of the aircraft if it wins theMMRCA tender. At present, Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany are partners in the Typhoon programme.

China defends carrier plans, neighbors fret over buildup

China's neighbors are worried its aircraft carrier program may in time intimidate regional rivals but its military on Thursday defended the plan as vital for maritime security. A day after China confirmed it was refitting an old Soviet vessel, and sources told Reuters it was building two of its own carriers, the official Liberation Army Daily stressed the mix of patriotic glory-seeking and future security worries behind the decision. China's humiliations at the hands of Western powers in the past centuries "left the Chinese people with the deep pain of having seas they could not defend, helplessly eating the bitter fruit of being beaten for being backward," said a front-page editorial in the paper. That trend is changing as Beijing ramps up its military spending while Washington discusses cutting its much larger defense budget. Growing Chinese military reach is triggering regional jitters that have fed into longstanding territorial disputes, and could speed up military expansion across Asia.  

China wants more aircraft carriers to compete with India

A serving Chinese military general is citing India's capabilities in his efforts to edge the government to have more than one aircraft carrier. General Luo Yuan, a senior researcher with the Academy of Military Sciences, said China needs at least three aircraft carriers to defend its interests in the face of neighbors developing their capabilities. "If we consider our neighbors, India will have three aircraft carriers by 2014 and Japan will have three carriers by 2014," General Luo was quoted as saying by Beijing News.

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Sukhois to get closer to Pakistan border

For the first time, India’s frontline fighter aircraft, Sukhoi-30-MKI, will be based very close to the Indo-Pak border, only around 150 km away, at Halwara, near Ludhiana. Sources in the IAF said the runway reconstruction at the Halwara airbase was nearing completion and the first squadron of the Sukhois would move there by the end of the year or at best early next year. The twin-engined Russian-origin Sukhois, which are now produced under licence in India, are one of the leading warplanes of the world. These are set to become deadlier with the slated fitting of super-sonic cruise missile BrahMos under its belly. A Sukhoi-30-MKI flying at top speed of around two mach, about 2,450 kmph, will be able to reach the western border of India within 4 minutes of the take-off from Halwara. The original plan was to have Sukhois at Halwara at the start of this year itself, however, it was held back due to the runway reconstruction project.

S. Korea's first E-737AWACS arrives for deployment

South Korea's first surveillance airplane to be deployed this year arrived at an Air Force base on Monday, the country's defense procurement agency said. The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said an E-737, the country's first airborne early warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft from Boeing, landed at the Air Force base in Gimhae, about 450 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

Iraq says to buy 36 F-16 fighters from U.S

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Saturday his government would buy 36 F-16 fighters from the United States, doubling the number it had initially planned to purchase to strengthen its weak air defenses.The announcement of the deal came as Iraq and the U.S. government discuss whether to keep some U.S. troops or military trainers in the OPEC country after the planned withdrawal of the last American soldiers at the end of the year.

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Soldiers Suicides, American Vs Indian Statistics

Sometimes I read about suicides by Indian Army soldiers posted at the frontier divisions in Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, North East etc. Everytime it happens the media creates a big hue and cry about the lack of will, strength and rampant depression among the ranks of Indian Army. The media takes the role of a judge and implies that Indian army officers and soldiers buckle under pressure while serving at the border. But the reality is far from these demoralizing news reports.In September 2007, The Tribune, newspaper based out of Chandigarh published an article with statistics proving that suicide rates among soldiers in India is lowest in the world. Quite expectedly this news report was completely ignored by the so-called national media who continued to bombard the people with demoralizing reports. According to the Tribune article, 131 suicides were reported across the country in 2006, 77 in 2005, 100 in 2004 and 93 in 2003.

Browne takes over as Air Force chief

Ace fighter pilot Air Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne today took over as the 23rd chief of the Indian Air Force (IAF) from Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik, who retired after putting in 42 years of service, at a brief ceremony at Vayu Bhavan, the air headquarters here.Born in Allahabad on December 15, 1951, Browne was commissioned into the fighter stream of the IAF on June 24, 1972. He has the wide-ranging experience of flying Soviet-era MiG 21s to the very latest Sukhoi-30 besides Jaguars and Hunters, logging about 3,100 hours of flying.

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China defends carrier plans, neighbors fret over buildup

China's neighbors are worried its aircraft carrier program may in time intimidate regional rivals but its military on Thursday defended the plan as vital for maritime security. A day after China confirmed it was refitting an old Soviet vessel, and sources told Reuters it was building two of its own carriers, the official Liberation Army Daily stressed the mix of patriotic glory-seeking and future security worries behind the decision. China's humiliations at the hands of Western powers in the past centuries "left the Chinese people with the deep pain of having seas they could not defend, helplessly eating the bitter fruit of being beaten for being backward," said a front-page editorial in the paper.

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US designs to destabilise Asia

During the last two decades, political experts have already been saying that the US which is acting upon a secret strategy, wants to make India the superpower of Asia in order counterbalance China, while this game has openly been disclosed by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was on three-day trip to India. In this regard, on July 20 this year, Hillary Clinton urged India to be more assertive in Asia, saying that the country should play more of a leadership role. She explained, “India has the potential to positively shape the future of the Asia-Pacific.” Clinton further said, “India should play a role as a US ally in regional forums such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).” On the other hand, while showing US paradoxical approach towards Pakistan, and concealing American double game, She remarked, “New Delhi could also help promote trade links in violence-wracked South Asia, which would bring prosperity and peace to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan…Pakistan must do more to tackle terror groups operating from its territory being used for attacks that destabilise Afghanistan or India.”

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Monday, July 18, 2011

South Korean Navy to bloster presence on Ulleung

The Navy has decided to expand a helicopter landing facility on Ulleung Island and dispatch two more military helicopters to it, according to a lawmaker.The move comes as Seoul seeks to bolster its capabilities to defend the easternmost islets of Dokdo over which Japan has been persistently making sovereignty claims.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

hinese People's Liberation Army trains 3rd-generation pilots

The Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is now studying a new training program for the pilots of its third-generation fighter jets, according to Air Force headquarters.The country's first group of third-generation fighter pilot cadets recently completed their academic studies and military training in an experimental Air Force training program. They are expected to become qualified pilots after more training in Air Force combat units, according to the headquarters.

Three Middle East nations considering F-16 orders

Prospects may be improving for Lockheed Martin to soon book more orders for Fort Worth-built F-16 fighter jets. Iraq's on-again, off-again plans for buying F-16s may be back on again. In addition, Oman and the United Arab Emirates are reportedly again talking to the U.S. government and Lockheed about F-16s after they could not agree on terms for buying French fighter jets. Lockheed officials confirmed reports that they had been in contact with the three Middle East nations about F-16 sales, but they declined to provide specifics.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two Killed in Turkish T-37C Jet Crash

The Turkish Air Force says one of its small jet-powered planes has crashed on a training flight in western Turkey, killing two pilots aboard.

The air force says in a statement on its website that the T-37C light-attack aircraft went down near the town of Urla, after taking off from the Cigli air base on the outskirts of the Aegean port city of Izmir.

Friday, July 15, 2011

ISI Chief Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Visits United States

Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha has been sent to the United States to deleaver a clear message to his counterparts in US that Pakistan will keep cooperating with the US in war against terrorists but it will not allow CIA funded private spy networks to operate in country.

Afghan Province of Kunar and Nooristan are Safe Havens for Terrorists:ISPR

Inter Services Public Relations' (ISPR) Director General Major General Athar Abbas has said that Afghan province of Kunar and Nooristan are the safe havens for the terrorists. He said that many high level terrorists and their supporters are hiding in these two Afghan provinces. ISPR director said, “the recent terror attacks from Afghanistan have testify our words”. “We have already voiced our concern over the pull out of NATO and Afghan forces from these areas.“He said that terrorist leaders hiding in these two Afghan provinces include Fazlullah, Faqeer Muhammad, Abdul Wali and Hakimullah.

Indian MoD approves $2.4 billion Mirage-2000 upgrade contract

With another recently approved multi-billion dollar defence contract, India is giving its armed forces modernisation efforts a significant push. According to AFP, Defence Secretary Shri Pradeep Kumar approved the offer by leading French defence companies Dassault and Thales, as well as by the European MBDA group, to upgrade India’s ageing fleet of Mirage 2000 ‘Vajra’ fighter aircraft at a cost of some $2.4 billion. Although the contract has not been officially confirmed, the Press Trust of India news agency reported that the contract was approved on Wednesday by the Indian cabinet committee on security. In line with the Indian government’s major efforts to modernise and increase the quantity of military equipment, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) agreed to move ahead with this programme, after being delayed in 2006, in particular, due to price issues.

Indian Army’s shady arms deal

Although high-ranking officers of the Indian Army like Chief of Army Staff, Gen V K Singh, Lt Gen Surendra Kumar Sahni, Lt Gen S K Dahiya, Maj Gen Anand Swaroop, Maj-Gen SP Sinha, Maj Gen Anand Kapoor, Maj Gen Gur Iqbal Singh Multani, Brig Guredeep Singh including a number of low-ranking officials were found involved in corruption of various forms such as irregularities in procuring meat and dry rations for the troops, stationed at Siachen, unauthorised construction of a golf club building at Ambala cantonment, possessing disproportionate assets, smuggling of large quantities of defence liquor etc., yet involvement of the 27 officers of the Indian Army in illegally selling of arms and weapons is most surprising. In this regard, on July 7 this year, even Indian media disclosed this new mal-practice of Indian Army officials. Army sources of India admitted that the officers, mostly lieutenant colonels and colonels, had faced a court of inquiry following a public suit filed in the Rajasthan High Court by an advocate who said that the officers were selling their private weapons to people of dubious character.

Indian Army’s shady arms deal

Although high-ranking officers of the Indian Army like Chief of Army Staff, Gen V K Singh, Lt Gen Surendra Kumar Sahni, Lt Gen S K Dahiya, Maj Gen Anand Swaroop, Maj-Gen SP Sinha, Maj Gen Anand Kapoor, Maj Gen Gur Iqbal Singh Multani, Brig Guredeep Singh including a number of low-ranking officials were found involved in corruption of various forms such as irregularities in procuring meat and dry rations for the troops, stationed at Siachen, unauthorised construction of a golf club building at Ambala cantonment, possessing disproportionate assets, smuggling of large quantities of defence liquor etc., yet involvement of the 27 officers of the Indian Army in illegally selling of arms and weapons is most surprising. In this regard, on July 7 this year, even Indian media disclosed this new mal-practice of Indian Army officials. Army sources of India admitted that the officers, mostly lieutenant colonels and colonels, had faced a court of inquiry following a public suit filed in the Rajasthan High Court by an advocate who said that the officers were selling their private weapons to people of dubious character.

Antony warns defence firms against corruption

With India expected spend nearly $100 billion over the next decade on modern equipment for its armed forces, Defence Minister A.K. Antony Tuesday cautioned against corruption in defence deals, particularly warning military vendors of "extreme steps" if any underhand deals were struck by them. Inaugurating an international defence acquisition seminar at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) here, Antony also assured the defence companies that they will get "a level playing field" and "fair play" in the acquisition process in India. However, he asked them "not to try to corrupt our people" while dealing with them during the acquisition process. Going a step further, he said: "I do not want to be a party to any corrupt practice and will not allow even a rupee of Indian taxpayer's money to be spent on graft."

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All contracts on Russia's 2012 defense order to be signed by yearend

All contracts on Russia's 2012 state defense order will be signed by the end of this year, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said. The issue of next year's defense order is particularly important in light of possible complications from the 2011 state defense order due to soaring armament prices and delays in contract signing.

Russia's ambitious 2011-2020 arms procurement program stipulates the upgrade of up to 11% of military equipment annually and will allow the country to increase the share of modern weaponry in the Armed Forces to 70% by 2020.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Russian defense minister lashes out at missile designer

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has accused leading missile designer Yury Solomonov of having a grudge against the ministry and lobbying for the defense industry.Solomonov, who designed the RS-24 and Bulava ballistic missiles, said in an interview with Russia's Kommersant daily on Wednesday that the 2011 state defense order was in jeopardy partly because the Defense Ministry had delayed the signing of new defense contracts, especially on procurement of strategic nuclear armaments."I suspect that he holds a grudge because of his dismissal from the post of the general director of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology [MITT]," Serdyukov told reporters.

Pakistan’s nuclear challenges

Asif Ezdi

In his Naudero speech last month on the anniversary of Benazir’s birthday, Zardari claimed credit for the PPP for having started Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programmes, while denying any kudos to Nawaz Sharif for having carried out nuclear tests in 1998. Zardari was partly right.

As he said, the country owes a lot to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for starting Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Our nuclear capability has prevented Indian military adventurism and produced a measure of stability in the South Asian region.

Zardari’s other claim at Naudero – that it was Benazir who began Pakistan’s missile programme – is quite new and it is not true. Pakistan started planning on its missile programme in 1987, a year before Benazir became prime minister and the programme was continued under her and governments that followed. The first test of Hatf-1 was carried out in January 1989, three months into her first term but work on it had started earlier.

What if Turkey invaded Syria?

Turkish-Syrian ties are unraveling. After becoming Assad’s close ally, Ankara is now worried about the Syrian conflict. Turkey has expressed outrage at the situation, calling the crackdown in Syria a “savagery,” and a Turkish army commander recently issued a tacit warning while visiting the Syrian border. Meanwhile, Damascus has positioned tanks along its border with Turkey.Still, when reacting to the unrest in Syria, the instinct of the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, government in Ankara will be to avoid conflict and opt for a buffer zone inside Syria to manage the likely flow of refugees on Syrian territory. But if that does not work, Turkey could take matters into its own hands, sending troops into Syria.

Russia set to take part in new Indian submarine tender

Russia will participate in a new tender on the delivery of six diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy, the state-run exporter Rosoboronexport said. Russia dropped out of the first Indian submarine tender in 2009. "There is a new tender, with the new requirements, and together with [Russia's] Rubin design bureau we are making a proposal to India for Amur 650 class submarines," Azizov told reporters at IMDS-2011 naval show in St. Petersburg on Friday.

Russia behind schedule on Indian Talwar class frigates delivery

Russia is not going to meet the deadlines in the implementation of a contract on the delivery of missile frigates to the Indian Navy, the state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport said. Russia and India signed a $1.6 billion contract on construction of three modified Krivak III class (also known as Talwar class) guided missile frigates for India in 2006. The first frigate was scheduled for delivery in April 2011."There is a delay, and it is hard to say now what the new deadline is going to be, although the first ship is undergoing dockside trials," said Oleg Azizov, head of Rosoboronexport's delegation at the IMDS naval show in St. Petersburg.

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India needs defence partners not suppliers: Liam Fox

Investing in the Eurofighter would give India a relationship with "partners of choice" in global security, says British defence secretary Liam Fox. In an exclusive conversation with TOI, Fox also said that while China is seen as an emerging superpower, the UK was looking closely at how Beijing manages its internal challenges. Excerpts: Q: You have been promoting the Eurofighter in your meetings with the Indian leadership. Why is it a better deal? A: We shouldn't see this as simply an aircraft. It's about buying into a strategic relationship. Britain's approach to these things has been too transactional in recent years.

Brazil Postpones FX-2 Fighter Jet Decision Until to Next Year

Brazilian Defence Minister Nelson Azevedo Jobim has a announced that Brazilian Air Force will finally decide about the purchase of new fighter aircrafts by early next year. Brazilian contract is worth $5 billion. He said that at this moment our domestic issues are of more importance and therefore Brazilian Air Force will wait till next year to take the final decision about the winner of the contract for fighter aircrafts.

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US to Suspended Pakistan Military Aid

New York Times has reported that United States is "suspending and, in some cases, canceling" the aid to the Pakistan. The New York Times has reported that three US officials has confirmed hat US is suspending the aid to Pakistan.

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Pakistani Military Operation in Kurram Agency

Last week Pakistani Security Forces started the military operation against the Taliban militant hideouts in the Kurram Agency.Pakistani ground forces entered into the Kurram Agency area after the fighter jets of Pakistan air force destroyed many of the militant position which was earlier detected by the surveillance UAVs of the Pakistan air force.

Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster III Aircraft

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will induct its first C-17 Globemaster III, its largest strategic heavy lift aircraft, at the Hindan air force in Ghaziabad near here after it is procured from the US. "We have decided to induct the C-17 at the Hindan air force base when the first aircraft would be delivered to us in the 2013-14 time-frame," IAF officials told PTI here. India had recently signed its biggest defence deal with the US to procure ten C-17 heavy-lift aircraft for USD 4.1 billion under which American defence major Boeing will set up test facilities for hi-tech aeronautics engines for the DRDO. 


Sunday, July 10, 2011

United Arab Emirates May Buy More F-16s

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now talking with Lockheed Martin about buying more F-16 fighter aircraft because France's offer of an advanced version of the Rafale combat jet is seen as too expensive, said a source familiar with the negotiations in the gulf.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Indian, Turkish Navy Ships Meet for Exercises

Turkish Navy warships - three frigates and one tanker - are scheduled to arrive in India on July 7 for joint sea exercises planned during last month's visit of India's Navy chief, Chief Adm. Nirmal Verma, to Turkey.

India to Order for 248 more Arjun Main Battle Tanks

he much-maligned Arjun Main Battle Tank is poised to get a fresh lease of life, with the Indian Army set to order 248 more of India's first indigenously-built tanks, a decision that will also give a much-needed shot in the arm to the country's beleaguered tank fleet. "We are definitely expecting more orders, at least a minimum of 248 tanks of the Mark-II version. The Ordnance Factory Board has been instructed by the ministry of defence to initiate action for the procurement of the Mark-II version," P. Sivakumar , director, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, told.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chinese Z-19 Attack Helicopter

JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet with SD-10/PL-12 BVR Missile

Chinese Charged for Smuggling of Spare Parts of MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters

Customs authorities in Russia's Far East have launched a criminal case against a Chinese citizen who attempted to smuggle spare parts for Russian MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters last year, a customs' spokesperson said on Friday. The man, whose identity has not been revealed, was caught at one of the border checkpoints in Transbaikal region in July last year.

Customs officials found six stepping motors, two piston pumps, 54 connectors, an elapsed-time meter and other parts in the trunk of his car. "It took experts from the Defense Ministry almost a year to prove that the confiscated equipment is part of assembly kits for MiG-29 and Su-27 fighter jets," Yulia Philipova said.

Taiwan Paints Seagull-Class Missile Boat With Radar-Absorbent Material

Taiwan has developed a radar-absorbent material in a breakthrough in the island’s development of stealth technology, local media reported. Tests showed that a navy 50-tonne Seagull-class missile boat painted with the material was not spotted on a radar screen until it could be seen with the naked eye, the United Daily News said. It is the first time Taiwan has developed such material. The navy declined to comment on the report. It was not immediately clear if the material would be used in the navy’s fleet of 10 locally manufactured 171-tonne missile boats, whose design is already intended to reduce radar detection.

US, Japan, Australia plan South China Sea drill

The US, Japanese and Australian navies will Saturday hold a joint drill in the South China Sea -- most of which China claims as its maritime territory -- Japan's defence ministry said. Japan's Maritime Self-Defence Force will send destroyer Shimakaze to join a US Navy destroyer and a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat for communications training and other drills off Brunei, the defence ministry said Friday. It will be their first joint military exercise in the South China Sea, most of which an increasingly assertive China claims as its maritime territory, but where several Southeast Asian nations have competing claims.

Mullen flies to China as US plans naval exercise

The top US military officer departs for China Friday in a trip designed to bolster a fledgling security dialogue with Beijing, even as a US naval exercise in the South China Sea threatens to upstage his visit.Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of staff, was to depart Friday for the four-day tour that will include talks with senior officers and a visit to military units, officials said.Mullen -- who in May hosted his Chinese counterpart, People's Liberation Army Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde -- "looks forward to continuing the engagement and dialogue" with Chen in Beijing, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Heavy Duty Aircrafts for Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Plans Consortium of Domestic Companies

Deniz Aslan-II (Sea Lion) Underway between Pakistani & Turkish Navies

Pakistan Navy and Turkish Navy take part in the naval exercise, Deniz Aslan-II (Sea Lion). Three warships of the Pakistan Navy and a submarine are taking part in the exercise along with the four visiting warships of the Turkish Navy.

Taiwanese Kaohsiung class(CG-128) High Endurance Cutter

Taiwanese Coast Guard Administration will get this new High Endurance Cutter which will be called Taipei class or Kaohsiung class(CG-128). This new class of ships is intended capable of deep sea operations in all weather and act as a fast, reliable platform that can respond to the emerging threats in the region.
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Taiwan Tests Submarine Launched Anti-Ship Missile

Taiwan has successfully tested an indigenously developed anti-ship missile from submarine for the first time. Taiwan has already developed the surface and air launched versions of the Hsiung Feng II (Brave Wind II) anti-ship missiles.

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QF-4 Phantom jets Holloman AFB crashes

F-4 Phantom jets were once the pride of the U.S. Air Force. The supersonic stars that were a mainstay of the air war in Vietnam.But now there are only a few left, and they're used them as flying electronic targets.

Wednesday morning, one of the old Phantoms from Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo crashed in eastern New Mexico and touched off a range fire. The pilot ejected before the crash and was reported by base officials to be in good shape with only minor injuries.

HMS Ocean arrives in Malta

The Royal Navy assault ship HMS Ocean has arrived in Malta on a break from operations off the Libyan coast.The vessel has been flying Apache and other helicopters on missions mostly around the town of Misuratha.

ir Self-Defense Force F-15 fighter confirmed crashed

An F-15 fighter from the Air Self-Defense Force's Naha Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture crashed during a training flight over the East China Sea on Tuesday morning, Defense Ministry officials said. An ASDF rescue plane found the vertical tail of the fighter floating in the sea shortly after 11 a.m. and some other parts afterward, the officials said.

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Pak-China Nuclear Deal

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sea trials of Admiral Gorshkov to begin in Aug in Russia

 (PTI) Set for induction into the Indian Navy next year, harbour trials of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov are expected to begin by August end in Russia.These trials are aimed at testing the functioning of all the systems of the warship, senior Navy sources told PTI here.

The harbour trials will be followed up by sea trials which are expected to start by November where the major systems of the warship including its weapon firing capabilities would be put to test, they said.The sources said that the warship is expected to be delivered as per the original schedule of December 2012. 

India eyes strategic toehold in Kyrgyzstan

India has concluded talks with Kyrgyzstan to train its forces for UN missions, a move that could give New Delhi a strategic toehold in the only country that hosts both American and Russian military bases. India will dispatch a training team to Kyrgyzstan by July-end which will also help Kyrgyz soldiers hone their English skills, as part of an overarching plan to step up defence cooperation with the Central Asian nation, bordering China. “India has offered assistance to Kyrgyzstan to strengthen its defence and security capabilities. The training team is the first step,” said an official, part of a high-level delegation led by defence minister AK Antony currently in Bishkek — the Kyrgyz capital.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Type 091 Han Class Nuclear-Powered Submarine

Type 091 was the first Chinese nuclear-propelled submarine design. Type 091 also known as Han class were produced by the Huludao Shipyard in Liaoning Province.

First two submarines Han class may no longer be operational while remaining boats underwent an extensive upgrade and are fully operational with the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).
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US Drones Strikes Continue Despite Protests by Pakistan

Despite strong protests by the common Pakistanis and half hearted requests by the Pakistani Federal Government, United States shows no signs of decreasing the pace of drone strikes against the targets in FATA, tribal belt along the border with Afghanistan.
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India to train Kyrgyz Armed Forces‎

Anti-Naxal Ops

DRDO to undertake laser mapping of Himalayas

Exercise would help in identifying hazardous zones, availability of fresh water Vijay Mohan/TNS Chandigarh, July 5 Precision maps of the vital road axis, mountainous topography and the amount of snow cover in the Himalayas would soon be available for developmental works, identifying hazardous stretches and determining water resources. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has launched a project to undertake laser mapping of the Himalayas in North India. Snow and Avalanche Studies Establishment (SASE), a DRDO lab here engaged in the study of snow physics and avalanche control, will be executing the project. Using an airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging), DRDO specialists would be able to generate accurate topographic data and produce high-resolution digital maps that have strategic value.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cornyn, Clinton discuss F-16 for Taiwan

Texas Senator John Cornyn has opened direct negotiations with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton over the release of a long-delayed report to the US Congress on the state of Taiwan’s air force.The report is now 16 months overdue and Cornyn believes it would provide powerful evidence to support Taipei’s request to buy 66 F-16C/D aircraft. While Clinton is not immediately involved with the Pentagon — where the report is being produced — she is one of the most influential figures within the administration of US President Barack Obama and wields enormous power.

Israel, Germany developing smart missile for Eurofighter

Israel and Germany are jointly developing a smart missile that could be sold together with the Eurofighter currently in service worldwide, including in Saudi Arabia. The air-to-ground missile, called PILUM, is under development by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Germany’s Diehl, and is based on Rafael’s Spice missile which has the reported ability to hit targets while aircraft are positioned at a standoff range of 100 kilometers away.

Indian Shipbuilders eye defence orders to tide over slump

Mumbai/Bangalore: Securing contracts to build warships has emerged as an option for local shipyards seeking to sail through a global downturn in the industry. ABG Shipyard Ltd, India’s largest shipbuilder outside state control, entered defence production last week by signing a contract with the Indian navy to build two cadet training ships together valued at Rs. 970 crore. “There is ample scope for defence contracts,” said Dhananjay Datar, ABG’s chief financial officer. “There will be a positive impact on valuations with defence portfolio in the order book.”

RSM-56 Bulava (SS-NX-30) SLBM Ready for Serial Production

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has said that RSM-56 Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) is ready for serial production. Russia had successfully test fired Bulava SLBM from the new generation 'Yuri Dolgoruky' strategic missile submarine on June 28.

RN's Sea King AEW7 Helps in Operations Against Talibans

United Kingdom is using its Sea King AEW7 (also known as ASaC7) helicopter for the intelligence, surveillance, early enemy detection missions against the land targets for supporting ground forces in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Commander of the Sea King Force, Pat Douglas said that it has been operating Sea King Mark 7 helicopters in Afghanistan for two years.
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India to Test New 'Prahaar' Quick-Reaction Artillery Rocket System

Director General of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)m V.K. Saraswat has said that India is all set to test new short range, quick-reaction missile on July 17. This new quick response multi-barrel rocket system.

Taiwanese Military Exercise "Lan-yuon"

Taiwanese Main Battle Tank (MBT) during the Lan-Yuon Military Exercise near Baoli mountain in Pington,southern Taiwan.

China Purchases 123 AL-31FN Fighter Jet Engines

China has signed an agreement purchase 123 Russian Lyulka-Saturn AL-31FN turbofan engine to continue the production of the J-10 Fighter Jets.
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Replacement of P-3C Orion Remains Unconfirmed

Pakistani officials has confirmed that Pakistan Navy has so far not received any official word from the United States about the replacement of the two P-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircrafts which were destroyed in the terrorists attack at the Pakistani Naval base in Karachi.

Turkish Maritime Task Group Reaches Pakistan

Four Turkish Naval warships of the Turkish Maritime Task Group have reached Pakistan on a three day visit. Turkish Maritime Task Group (TMTG) will also participate in the bilateral naval exercise during its stay in Pakistan. Bilateral naval exercise will include anti-submarine, anti-surface and anti-air warfare exercises with Pakistan Navy.

Pakistani Security Forces Launches Operation Against Taliban Militants

Pakistani Security Forces has launched and operation against the Taliban terrorists in the Kurram agency. Thousands of Pakistan army and FC troops are taking part in the action against the Talibans in Kurram agency. Cobra gunship helicopters and Bell 412 & Mi-17 Transport helicopters of Pakistan Army Aviation are being used to provide convey escorts and transport troops & equipment.

US is Pressuring Pakistan for Deployment of Security Liaison Officer

US officials have been pressuring Pakistan to approve their request of a United States’ Security Liaison Officer (SLO) at every corps headquarters of the Pakistan Army. Pakistani English language newspapaer ‘The News’ has reported that the approval of the SLOs has been one of the biggest bone of contention between the officials of the two countries as Pakistan as rejected such US request due to security concerns.

Afghan War will Shift to India?

In the post-Osama scenario, taking cognisance of the recent major terror-events such as militants’ assault on Pakistan’s naval base, cross-border attack of 500 heavily armed militants who entered Pakistan’s Upper Dir from Afghanistan on May 22, and again targetted the Bajaur Agency on June 16 in wake of intensity of subversive acts and drone strikes in the country, our political experts agree that before leaving Afghanistan, US will shift Afghan war to Pakistan. Notably, on June 22, Obama confirmed that troops withdrawal from Afghanistan will commence from this July and will be completed in 2014. While referring to Islamabad, Obama elaborated, “we will work with the Pakistani government to root out the cancer of violent extremism…no country is more endangered by the presence of violent extremists.”

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$1-bn IAF deal for Swiss basic trainers grounded

The $1 billion deal to purchase new basic trainers for the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been put on hold after serious allegations have surfaced about discrepancies in the procurement process. The defence ministry is taking a re-look at the selection process following a request from South Korea to investigate concerns about the validity of commercial documents submitted by a Swiss firm that was declared as the lowest bidder. The procurement process has now been slowed down as the ministry as well as the IAF is scrutinising the selection process.

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