Monday, July 11, 2011

India needs defence partners not suppliers: Liam Fox

Investing in the Eurofighter would give India a relationship with "partners of choice" in global security, says British defence secretary Liam Fox. In an exclusive conversation with TOI, Fox also said that while China is seen as an emerging superpower, the UK was looking closely at how Beijing manages its internal challenges. Excerpts: Q: You have been promoting the Eurofighter in your meetings with the Indian leadership. Why is it a better deal? A: We shouldn't see this as simply an aircraft. It's about buying into a strategic relationship. Britain's approach to these things has been too transactional in recent years.

But what we now need to do is think strategically, think about interoperability, about our partners of choice in global security. Start to recognize that India wants partners not suppliers. In terms of the aircraft itself of course, we've just been using it in Libya. That's the first time we have used it in combat. We have been extraordinarily impressed by its capability and availability. India would be building a relationship with four European partners - it would be buying into that in terms of strategic outlook.

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India has a nice collections of jet fighter, There would be world class museum in the world some of are rusting on ground and some of become history. What a costly hobby for poor feuded population. Why they dont make their own. Oh ,no they don't have patients for to show off. Good luck for the collection. Well being Paki I admire your hobby boys. Yes Paki can’t have this level of hobby, of course. Don’t worry.No offence.

Oh, forgive my short comming about comments. Do what you wants to do.
Who am I. I love peace.

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