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Comparison of military power, Pak-India

Air Marshal Ayaz A Khan (R)
Unfortunately India and Pakistan had adversarial relations since sixty years. After the Mumbai carnage Pakistan is under threat of pre-emptive strikes. Fourth Indo-Pakistan war could be triggered by another terrorist attack anywhere in India. This is a dangerous scenario. India and Pakistan have fought three wars, and war drums for the fourth war are getting louder. It is in order therefore to comprehend Indian military capabilities, and Pakistan's ability to defend itself. Defense capability is an interplay of economic and military potential. Indian economy is booming, and its GDP growth is in double digits. The global recession has impacted Indian economy, but its defense capability remains intact. Military power and capabilities are sustained by economic and industrial potential. Geography, demography, population, oil resources and reserves, industrial capability including defense production, dollar reserves, self reliance, education, quality of manpower and leadership have a bearing on military power. Seven lakh Indian troops are tied down in Jammu and Kashmir. India has over one hundred billion dollar reserves. The West, Israel and Russia are India's weapon suppliers.Indian Army has eighteen Corps with 34 Divisions including four Rapid Action Divisions, which would spear head ground offensives. Pakistan Army has ten Corps and twenty five divisions. Indian Army has eighteen Infantry, ten Mountain, three Armored, and two Artillery Divisions. Besides it has five Infantry, one parachute, thirteen Air Defense, and four Engineering Brigades, designated as independent formations. In addition there are two Air Defense Groups, and fourteen Army Aviation Helicopter units. This is a sizeable force, capable of launching major offensives from several fronts. The decentralized command structure will be an advantage, as compared to Pakistan's centralized Army command organization. Pakistan Army has an active force of 620,000 well trained personnel, with 528000 reservists, and 150000 para-military troops. Pakistan armed forces are seventh largest in the world. Pakistan Army's doctrine of "Offensive Defense", evolved by General Mirza Aslam Beg was put to test in 1989 in Exercise Zarb-e Momin. The doctrine is to launch a sizeable offensive into enemy territory, rather than wait for enemy strikes or attacks. In case of Indian land offensive Pakistan Army and Air Force will respond with land and air offensives to gain and hold enemy territory. Before embarking on further offensive, gains shall be consolidated. In 1990 the Central Corps of Reserves was created to fight in the desert sectors , where enemy land offensives are expected. These dual capable formations trained for offensive and holding actions are fully mechanized.Pakistan Army has ten Corps including the newly formed Strategic Corps. The Army has twenty six divisions (eight less than India). Two more divisions were raised as Corps reserves for V and XXXI Corps. Pakistan Army has two armored divisions, and ten independent armored brigades. Presently one hundred thousand troops are stationed on the Pak Afghan border to fight terror. Special Service Group-SSG comprises two airborne Brigades i.e. six battalions. Pakistan Army has 360 helicopters, over two thousand heavy guns, and 3000 APC's. Its main anti-tank weapons are Tow, Tow Mk II, Bakter Shiken and FGM 148 ATGM. The Army Air Defence Command has S.A- 7 Grail, General Dynamics FIM-92 Stinger, GD FIM Red Eye, and ANZA Mk-I, Mk-II, Mk-III and HQ 2 B surface ti air missiles. Radar controlled Oerlikon is the standard Ack Ack weapon system. The ballistic missile inventory of the Army is substantial. It comprises Ghauri III and Shaheen III IRBM; medium range Ghauri I and II and Shaheen II, and short range Hatf I- B, Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen I and M -11 missiles. All the ballistic missiles can carry nuclear war heads. Nuclear and conventional weapon capable Babur Cruise missile is the new addition to Pakistan's strategic weapon inventory. Number of ballistic missiles and war heads are almost the same as India has. So there is a parity in nuclear weapons, which is a deterrent.Indian armor is of Russian origin. Out of 2295 Indian Army's Main Battle tanks, 2235 are of Russian origin. The main battle tanks are; 310 T-90-S Bishsma's (300 are on order), 1925 T-72M Ajeya's.. The T-90 and the T-72 have 125 mm smooth barrel guns. T-72 though old is the backbone of Indian Armor Corp's. 268 Ajeya's have been upgraded with Israeli Elbit thermal imaging systems. 1000 T-72 MBT's are awaiting up-gradation. There have been several instances of T-72's gun barrel bursting. 124 Indian made Arjun (heavy 56 ton) MBT are on order. Sixty Arjun's are in operational service. Arjun's engine overheating problem has not been solved. Arjun has a 120 mm gun, but is unfit or desert operations.Pakistan Army is equally strong in armor, capable of giving a fitting response to any Indian military adventure. Main Battle tanks Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar are the backbone of Pakistan's armor Corp's. Both are Pakistan made. Pakistan's tank armory comprises :five hundred Al-Khalid MBT's; 320 Al-Zarrar type 85 II MBT's, 500 Al-Zarrar MBT's; 450 79II AP (Chinese type 81 upgrade, and 570 T-80 UD MBT of Ukranian make. In addition Pakistan has 880 Type 59, which were procured from China in 1970.This makes a total of three thousand six hundred and twenty tanks. All Pakistani MBT's except T-59's have 125 mm smooth barrel guns. Indian armor offensives in Kashmir, Punjab, and Sind would be effectively challenged by Pakistani armor and mechanized formations, depending on PAF's ability to keep the skies over the battle areas clear of Indian Air Force. India's modern air defense system has Israeli Arrow anti-missile missiles, and 90,000 surface to air missiles-SAM's. India has one hundred nuclear armed ballistic missiles (Agni-1 and Agni II), and Brahmos the new supersonic cruise missile. Indian Army is well trained, equipped and highly professional, and so is Pakistan Army.Air power is likely to play a key, if not a decisive role in any future major or minor India-Pakistan armed conflict. The aim of Indian pre-emptive strikes will be maximum destruction by surprise air attacks, combined with shock commando action. A possibe scenario is; intensive bombing of the target to be followed by attacks by armed helicopters and ground assault by heliborne Commandoes. An overview of Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force will help comprehension of IAF's offensive capabilities, and defensive capabilities of Pakistan Air Force. Indian Air Force has 3000 aircraft including training, transport, helicopters and 800-1000 combat air craft, which operate from sixty air bases, including Farkhor airbase in Tajikistan.. Six hundred IAF's strike and air defense fighters are expected to be operational. Pakistan Air Force has 630 aircraft, which include 530 combat aircraft, with 400 operational at any time. In 1996 India signed an agreement with Russia for the purchase of 90 Su 30 Mk-1 multi-role fighter-bombers. In 2004 a multi-billion licence was signed for building additional 140. 240 Su30-Mk-1's were ordered, 120 are already in service. With a maximum speed of Mach 2.3 and range of 8000 Km with refueling and ability to carry tons of conventional munitions and nuclear weapons, it is a lethal and menacing weapon system for the strike and interception role. Other IAF's advanced strike and combat aircraft are: 51 Mirage-2000 (of Kargil fame), 60 Mig-29's (for air defense), 250 old Mig-21's (110 have been refurbished with Israeli help), 47 Jaguars and 70 Mig-27's for ground attack. 220 LCA Teja's under manufacture at HAL Bangalore will start entering service in 2010... IAF's fighter pilots are well trained and have out shone American pilots during joint exercises.Pakistan Air Force has 200 rebuilt Mirage- 3's ( for night air defense) and Mirage-5's for the strike role. They can carry nuclear weapons. They have been upgraded with new weapon systems, radars, and avionics. Additionally the PAF has 42 F-16's, 150 F-7's including 55 latest F-7 PG's. Manufacture of 150 JF 17 Thunder fighters (jointly designed) is underway at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra. The JF -17 Thunder is a 4th generation fly by wire multi-role fighter aircraft. Eight are already in PAF service. An order has been placed with China for the purchase of 36 JF-10, a Mach 2.3 -5th generation multi-role fighter, comparable in performance to the Su-30 Mk-1 with the Indian Air Force. PAF is on Red Alert, and is maintaining full vigil to intercept and destroy IAF intruders. During the recent air space violation, the IAF intruders were in the sights of PAF's F-16's, but were allowed to escape unscathed to avoid a major diplomatic crisis. PAF pilots and technicians are well trained, high professionals, who will be able to prove their mettle in the future battle with India. A comparison of Indian Navy and Pakistan Navy reveals that Pakistan Navy could inflict substantial damage to the Indian Navy. Indian Navy has 16 submarines; Pakistan Navy has ten, some are brand new. Indian Navy has 27 war ships, Pakistan Navy has ten. Indian Aircraft Carrier Veerat, will be a menace, and must be sunk by submarine or air attacks, if it attempts to block Pakistan's sea lanes or ports. It is hoped that better sense prevails and India desists from invading and attacking Pakistan. If it does, the consequences will be horrible for both the countries.


why you did not write anything about drone attacks on Pakistan?

First try to shoot down the drones..then you can lock the M2K or MKI.

First this is not written by me but by Air Marshal Ayaz A Khan (R)

Secondly Pakistan air force F-16 shoot down an Indian Searcher-II drone with AIM-9L at an altitude of 13000 ft on the night of june 07 2002 so thats why they lock on M2K exactly according to your wishes

Yep for you if some thing is not written in favor of India or india is not projected as super power its Pakistani propaganda

Take a look at dozens of articles in indian media about the indian preparedness and you will know that this article is much more in favor of India then written in India which says that India is simply not prepared to handle a war with Pakistan

With defence spending expected to top US$34 billion in 2010, total spending of US$150 billion over the next 5 years, as well as a market open to foreign participation and collaboration, India cannot be ignored.

India possesses the second largest air force in the Asia Pacific region along with substantial naval, coastal and army aviation interests, all of which are planning for substantial modernization, acquisition of new assets and upgrading of existing capabilities in line with India’s rapid economic growth.

As the aerospace defence industry’s leading flagship conference in the region, the 3rd annual Air Power India 2009 international conference offers unrivalled market insights, business leads and networking opportunities.

A very neutral and nice article thx for this !

I do not understand why you have over hyper the Pakistan.According to me if war occur and is started by Pakistan then it is set to loss but India Start it then it(India) will nuked by Pakistan as that only way for Pakistan to survive. The pakistan has only F-16(A/B=44+some C/D order) which are only fighter have chance of fighting with MIG-29,Mir-2000and had no answer to Su-30 (but in future i.e.2013 have in form of J-10)and Indian Navy destroy PN within weeks.And aircraft carrier are sailed in the cocoon of destroyer,Frigate and some vessel and it is like that u came and destroy it all and they will do nothing.

A balanced article but slightly in favor of Indians. Given the shambles that the IAF finds itself, IAF does not really has that much parity with PAF. Pakistan has developed and deployed deadly missile force. For IAF and IN, the cause of real worry is a functional set of missiles such as Babur, Raad, and ship based land-attack missile systems. These missiles are very much capable to turn IAF and IN C3 infrastructure into rubble. Some Indians want to keep dreaming about non-existent Indian supremacy. No one can really make them awake.

Quite a balanced article, but slightly out of date. The PN has modified Harpoon missiles to carry nuclear warheads, and these have also been modified to carry conventional warheads against land targets. Small German fuel cell powered submarines which can stay submerged silently with no need for surfacing are lethal additions to Pakistan's naval capabilities. Pakistan is swiftly inducting the SAAB Erieye system and the first JF-17 squadron has gone operational in Peshawar. Pakistan's land air and sea launched cruise missile capabilities ( 'Raad') are much cause for worry to the potential adversaries simply because of the numbers fielded.

Hei all ... Do we want to go for fight each other for drastic damage instead why we can talk about our good relation we all in one boundary bfre 1947 y we think past disasters....
I am down south from india i dont have any allegation against PAK if pak not supporting terrorist against india...

We THE INDIANS are growing drastically y can't u join hands and you can develop your country employment and better living opportunity for your people ...

I feel that no one should die or wound of taking war war..all humans life are important to their loving hearts and to their family ...

I Belive in india and pak youngsters does'nt have war intention .. THis aged politicians and aged religious saint are behind this worst situation ... time to change those problem creats peoples.

hi....i agree to this guy the one whose comment is before mine but one thing which always hurt me is that why you indian think that pakistan support these terrorist infact even more number of terrorist are in india numerically.....i have seen many documentries in which indian clearly say that they want to divide or destroy pakistan....and your movies so many anti pakistan movies come out in bollywood, how can a pakistani youngster can take that.....still pakistan come forward to shake hand.....but India always make some excuxe...what ever its the need of time that we should forget our differences and walk togather if we both want our selves in the league of developed countries....

Ya its universal known one that INDIANS and INDIAN Forces always remains on top than pakistan.Being a democratic nation INDIAkeeps Silence for terrorist activities done by pakistanis( Except few good peoples) and tries to solve the problem peacefully.If pakistan tries to attack INDIAN Cities it takes few minutes to attack and they may succeed but at the same time INDIA takes few Seconds to erase pakistan from world map.Dont ever think to attack INDIA if you want to survive.War is not the Solution. World will be free from terror only if pakistan and afghanistan goverments take action againist Terrors.INDIANS Doing Heart operation for pakistan child to save his/her life meanwhile pakistanis doing terror operations to blast Indian school childrens. Hope our Army give jugdement for that culprits involving in terrorism. JAI HIND!!!!!

Kafir Ho to Shamsheer Pe Karta Ha Bharosa

Momin Ho to Bay Taigh Bi Larta hai Sepahi

..................Be A True Muslim And The World Will Be A Better Place For Everyone

Icant imagine that an air marshall would come up with such fake numbers and substandard analysis equivalent to a tenth grader , first Pakistan has only 250 al khalids and 320 T-80 UD and the no which he gave for MBT's is not at all real in fact he might be including M-48 tanks and other outdated tanks too , pakistani artillery lacks the powerful punch as evident by a large no
of outdated guns and a bewildering disarray of different guns which will stretch our limited resources in critical times , Pakistan's deficit in aviation is a well known factor too, as for Pakistan navy I am surprised that how could he quote a no of 10 submarines ? there r just 5 subs including 3 agosta B 90 and 2 agosta B 70 as old Daphene class subs were decommissioned way back in 2004 , lack of effective naval aviation is a critical weakness which has been concerning since 1971 but no effective measures were taken , a squadron of old outdated mirages is simply not a serious threat to an ever increasingly aggressive Indian navy , similarly at least four Indian Kilo class subs have been upgraded to launch Club series anti ship missile which are unparalleled in their performance and PNA lacks any effective & modern antimissile technology except old Phalanx CIWS , above all the condition of PAF is appalling and as far as aggressive IAF posture is concerned , PAF has little to offer as its fleet of 40 year old mirages simply are of no match to 4 th generation IAF jets and PAF lacks the ability to penetrate deeply into Indian airspace without being hammered by layered air defence system , F-16 are too old and have not been upgraded for BVR and lack the ability to launch anti radiation missiles , the cost of JF-17 has already increased because of extensive foreign component eg engine from Russia , radar and avionics from France ( which now France has denied ) and the present Chinese avionics are simply not hi tech enough yet to neutralize Mig-29 , Mirage 2000 or SU-30, the Odds are tremendous and despite the excellent training standards of PAF airmen this lack of effective airpower will render their abilities rather useless , Pakistan also suffers from lack of effective SAM coverage the entire range of SAM which he mentioned are short range or MANPADS which are no longer a big threat to 4th gen fighter evident by their failure at kargil to shoot down IAF planes ( except 2 in may 1999 ), the split in deployment from eastern borders to western side and growing Indian presence in Afghanistan is shrinking Pakistan strategic depth on a daily basis

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