Monday, June 28, 2010

Indian Military Asked to Prepare for Two-Front War Scenario with China and Pakistan

In an unprecedented move that has confirmed India’s concerns about China’s growing military might, the Government has for the first time given a directive in writing to the armed forces to enhance their military capabilities vis-a-vis the neighbouring country and prepare for a two-front war scenario with China and Pakistan. Asking the armed forces to prepare themselves to fight simultaneous wars on the eastern and western fronts with China and Pakistan, Defence Minister AK Antony has directed the chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force to rapidly modernise and upgrade their weapon systems and tone up operational preparedness.  Explaining the significance of the directive, the sources maintained that it came against the backdrop of the armed forces’ apprehensions about the rapid modernisation programme of their Chinese counterparts.


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Actually Indians are indicating about Nuke, the onle way they could start the and finish war with Kias!!!!! there is no other way Indian could dreams to start a war.............Idiodddttt

Filthy slumdogs can not face even Pakistani tigers, how can these silly creature would face wise dragon. A combination of tigers and dragon would simply eliminate slumdogs. There is simply no comparison of cowardly slumdogs with mighty dragon.

But you'll soon see that smelly slumdog appear again to claim all sorts of silly things. If just the words could conquer the world, slumdogs would have been controling the world. Quite contrary to that, slumdogs are dying of hunger and disease. You can whole cities sleeping on sidewalks. Chronic insurgencies is a curse on Indians for almost as long as their short history as an independent country.

My advice: don't.

Any major conflict between the three neighboring countries will almost certainly NOT have any good outcome regionally and globally.

Armed forces are meant to serve as deterrent during peace time and repellent during conflict. They need to be ready for any conflict, but the peace time posturing should not be the source of provocation.

Strength through readiness.

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It is well known now that Asias largest slum is located in Karachi Pakistan called Orangi.

With this sense, the only SlumDwellers are Paki inbreds.

How can filthy microsephallic Pakis even think of trying to fight India.

In 1971, the Indians Broke Half of Pakistan and made a new Nation called Bangladesh.

How can this filthy islamic Paki, ever think of fighting India, when a country like Iran is threatening to Invade Pakistan.

Oh wait, the Iranians have already started invading

How can these filthy beggar Pakis, living of pennies from the U.S ever think they can sustain a war against India.

India and China are not going to war. Take my word. India and China have a bilateral trade of 80$ Billion dollars.

If anything, China and Pakistans measly 3$ Billion trade in comparison will lead China to abandon these filthy Pakis.

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90% of Pakistans population is under the international poverty line.

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this is the reality

Can't stand the agony of seeing each other in the eye, can't you fellows.

Well, pity. Fight each other to extinction, then, and see who would care.

Hey filthy slumdog, no one really reads your crap. Today maoists killed another 26 Indian security dogs. Shitting around does not help. Insurgencies will eat up th fake country called India.

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What a joke that coward Indian army will fight with great china and brave pakistani, unbelieveable whats wrong with these slumdogs

Btw, the "great china" army (PLA) stands largely unproven since its conception.

It's interested to have China being added to increasingly volatile soup. Look forward to seeing how this food fight evolve.

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You talk about Poverty of Pakistan?

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The blog owner is violating the terms of usage and a complain has been made.

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Simple: America

where you are judged by your talent, not all these sh*ts.

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