Sunday, November 1, 2009

Indian Navy to procure five midget submarines

To strengthen its capabilities of carrying out special underwater operations, the Indian Navy is planning to procure five midget submarines for the Marine Commandos (MARCOS).Submarines weighing less than 150 tonnes are classified as midgets and are used by the Navies to carry out underwater covert operations and surveillance missions.

The Navy has already initiated the process of procuring these vessels and recently issued a Request for Proposal to Indian shipyards including Hindustan Shipyards Limited, ABG and Pipavav shipyards, Defence Ministry sources told.Initially, Navy is planning to get only five of these vessels but the inductions can be doubled later on.The induction of these midgets is part of the Navy's efforts to strengthen its operational capabilities after the 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai last year, sources said.


what india desperately needs is the U-214 the best submarine in the world. going for the french SMX-23 or andrata is a wastage of public money

This one procurement is more than Porkistans entire yearly budget.

Silly, The Indians should also start begging like the Pakis and maybe we can spend even more on defence.

It works for Pakis, so why don't we do the same ! Oh wait, i forgot, we are not beggars.

Anonymous November 2, 2009 12:05 PM

You need to grow up. Don't waste other's time. We give a shit to you or your silly views. Just shut the hell off here and waste your time some where else.

pakistan already has midget-class submarines from italy. rumour has it that india is going to opt for italian make S-1000/S-800 submarines, which are nothing but crap. as for coastal defence & littoral warfare the japanese & germans used Midget submarines with great effect in the world war II.

Can someone please explain why india is opting for only 5 midget submarines ??? with a coastline as big as that of india don't we need atleast 30-40 midget submarines ???

^^ midget subs are used for commando operations and not patrolling. Its a different requirement altogether and should not be confused with requirement of bigger subs. Both are required.

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