Monday, November 16, 2009

China makes its own version of Top Gun movie on J-10

J-10 on A Mission, a movie starring China's J-10 fighter jet, is ready for show in cinemas. The military theme movie was kept out of the spotlight during filming. But the film is now in limited release to aircraft experts and some journalists.

The home-made J-10 fighter jet made its first public appearance at the 60th anniversary celebrations in the skies over Beijing on October first. The story line of J-10 on a Mission focuses on the pilots -- but it's the jet that draws most of the attention. Lead actor Wang Ban is proud of being seen in the pilot's seat of the aircraft.

Actor Wang Ban said, "Two floors tall, its more enjoyable than driving any cars, anything. As I said at the shooting ceremony the jet is our biggest star. Now the result has proved my word. The result is much beyond my expectations. "

The film shows many striking scenes of the J-10 in solo flight and on group missions. Audiences are treated to the jet's full range of capabilities, such as short distance take offs, mid-air dogfights with other planes, in-flight refueling, tracking missiles, and destroying ground targets.

The most exciting scenes are of aerial dogfights involving the J-10, the Russian Su-27 and US Air Force F-16  the best fighter jets in the world.



J-10=Lavi...Israel's failed 80's aircraft.This is NOT a "homegrown" design and China always copies out of date garbage....A-5=Mig-19,J-7=Mig-21,J-8=SU-15,J-10=Lavi,and the 50's vintage TU-15 Badger that was retired from all airforce's that had them in the 80's is STILL being built today by china...Now THAT's HOMEGROWN!!!!LOL!! If they are SOOOOOO proud of the J-10...please send it to a western airshow!!!


The "copied" J-10 happens to perform better than the F-16 Block 52.

The "copied" J-8 also happens to be ranked better than the F-16C, F/A-18, and Mirage-2000 (according to FAS)

And BTW, it's the Tu-16, not Tu-15.

It seems that you yourself are a copy of a classic ignorant idiot.

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