Saturday, June 26, 2010

Induction of F 16 Block 52 will Enhance the Effectiveness of PAF

Adding potency to PAF’s fleet, three most modern F-16 aircraft would be inducted at the newly upgraded base under the Southern Air Command of the country on Sunday.Delivery of Block-52 type of F-16 aircraft, especially designed to ably meet with the country’s present and future needs is a part of goodwill gesture by the United States.Pakistan is the second country after Israel to get these state of the art aircraft from the US.

Total 18 aircraft, equipped with Modern Electronic Warfare gadgets like Sniper Pods, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Threat Warning System (TWS), Beyond Visual Range missiles, and Night Precision Guided missile have to be supplied to Pakistan by the end of the current year and three of them would be reaching as part of the first batch at the newly upgraded airbase Shahabaz (Jackobabad) of the PAF.

The Base, prior to this was being used as Forward Operating Base (FOB) by the PAF but very recently it has been upgraded to home F-16 Block 52 aircraft by installing state of the art gadgetry, equipment and radar system.

The aircraft including two D class and one C class would directly fly from the USA (Tuscon) and after making almost 8 hours flight would land at the Shahbaz base on Saturday.

“The induction of the F 16 Block 52 into PAF’s arsenal would go a long way in enhancing the potency of the PAF and would offset the technological superiority of the adversary in the domain of air power,” a spokesman of PAF told mediapersons while briefing about the induction of the aircraft.
The effects of inclusion of this aircraft and the associated weapons in PAF’s inventory would be further boosted by the addition of the Mid Life Update (MLU) modified F16s in early 2012.

PAF’s F16 fleet along with the locally developed JF 17 and the recently acquired Airborne Early Warning fleet would pose a formidable challenge to the enemy’s offensive designs.

He said that the aircraft can simultaneously carry a variety of arms and ammunition with the capability to engage the adversary in different types of attack and combat environment.

About the technical training for the repair and upgradation of F-16, he said a total of 113 PAF personnel including 32 Officers and 81 technicians have already completed their training at USA and are waiting to manage and operate these aircraft in Pakistan.

In addition to that, he said 8 pilots of PAF have been imparted operational training of the aircraft in USA and they will transfer the skill to other pilots in the country by performing as master trainers.

Meanwhile, he said that a Technical Support Team of the US comprising, technicians, engineers and experts from Lockheed Martin (the manufacturer of the aircraft), besides other officials of the US Air Force.
For the existing fleet of 40 F-16 aircraft MLU programme would also start in the current year.



There is no conventional superiority Pakistan has over the Indian airforce.

These 18 f-16's are not even a threat.

Indian Su30MKIs are technically a generation ahead of any Pakistani plane. The BVR range of su30MKI is not even comparable to anything in Pakistan.

Don;t forget the 110+ Indian Mig29K's/Mig 29 SMTs and 60+ Mirage 2000-9's with also a strict emphasis now on BVR range.

Even the first inducted LCA will be fitted with AESAs while the Paki JF-17's will be fitted with Chinese avionics. Chinese radar on the JF-17 is also rubbish.

As france has rejected Pakistan on the sale of equipment for the Jf-17, Pakistan will never hold any conventional superiority on India.

Aquiring some donated refurbished f-16s upgraded to the soo called block 52 standard doesn't do much for Pakistans case.

I doubt they can even used in war against India.

The Americans corporations have too much money invested in India with alot of long term prospects.

The DOW Jones coporations will never allow American equipment in Pakistani hand to be used against India.

After all, Pakistan is a burdern and a headache for the U.S, while India is a thriving Partner with over 80$ Billion dollars in bilateral in 2010.

f-16 the creme de la creme of PAF,IAF's upgraded mirage 2000 is comparable

Hi, in Air Forces Monthly it was mentioned that the deal for French avionics was still on for the JF-17. However, I hope the PAF does not buy these French avionics, still sanction prone. Also buying F-16s is a complete waste of money, they are sanction prone again, and the PAF has not learnt its lesson from the 90s. I will reserve comment on the Late Combat Aircraft (LCA). Hah!


PAF is outnumbered facing Su30MKI alone.

israelis know how good is f-16

with latest block additions, pakistan is second to get these

modern aircraft, your comments are

total rubbish, ask any israeli pilot, yes we are superior force

with jf -17 and f-16, wholw world

knows about it, except hindus

i think Indian's people so much afraid from Pakistan . because Pakistan's new publish on blog they giving rubbish comment.We no war with India but indain people not forget time when we rule on them.
i think tushar pass from bad experience in Pakistan

In BVR engagement, IAF will probably have the upper hand; in WVR/BFM, PAF will likely have the upper hand.

IAF has flown and against F16 Bk50 before (from Misawa); PAF has been training with the Israeli Bk50 for a long time. Given similar piloting skills (and perhaps attrition rate), the numeral disparity will remain an issue.

It is not the fact that the Pakistanis keep trying to insult the Hindus of India because they are too stupid to realize that India is multicultural and Multi Religious society.

I for one have no animosity with Muslims of Pakistan. After all Pakistanis are blood brothers of Indians, and doesn't matter how much they try to deny this fact, we will always share a history, no matter how ruthless and perverted it has been.

More than 90% of Pakistans population consists of Punjabis living in Pakistani Punjab. They are not descendants for any Mughals or any other.

The Pakistanis have to realize that their animosity with India is only hurting them. India is growing economically despite economic disparity, and poverty.

TO HG Rick, you are mistaken. The Su30MKI has been specially designed to be at its peak at WVR, while at BVR it is also lethal.

The thrust vectoring capability, along should signify this capability.

And to the Pakis, please lets be reasonable in our approach to arguments. Lets use facts and not farces.

At the end of the day, Pakis and Indians should be cooperating at a personal level, even if the govermental level is ineffective.

This comment has been removed by the author.

And to Waqas, you seem to be mistaken in thinking India wants war with Pakistan.

Indians are only guided with the actions of neighbours.

While our diplomatic efforts to stop Pakistan from acquiring any weapons platforms should indicate we do not want to have an arms race.

If India really, as you say is scared of Pakistan, the Indians would effectively double their defence budget to 4% of GDP. Yet we remain at only 2.5%.

India can produce 10 times more enriched material for nukes when compared to Pakistan, just because we have way more reactors, yet we choose to have restraint.

This should alone signify we do not please for war with our neighbors.

Also to clear this misconception about Pakistanis ruling India for 1000 years.

The Mughal Empire started in 1526 and ended in 1858. The Islamic rule in India lasted only 250 years. Not 1000 as most Pakis keep claiming.

Also the Hindu rule in India lasted over 4000 years.

Lets use logic and apply it to our arguments. Pakistanis are not decendants of Mughals. Mughals were tiny in number, and their decedants are not even more than 100,000.

Benazir Bhutto, Jinnah are Rajputs. Look up their family history on wikepedia.

Su30MKI is very maneuverable but not invincible.

Case in point: Mountain Home and Red Flag exercises when visiting MKIs were challenged by seasoned pilots flying Aggressor F16s.

tushar is very afraid of these f 16s dont cry tushar.....

Dear all, let's be civil to each other and debate the topic at hand. Personal attacks on countries or religion is simply immature and uncalled for.

My personal opinion is that the PAF made a mistake spending so much money on sanction prone aircraft, given their past experience in the 90s.

The JF-17 might not be cutting edge like a F-16/Block 50, but this $3 billion (Block 50s and upgrades of older F-16s) could have been spent on better avionics for the JF-17 and buying the J-10B. My personal opinion though and I stated this earlier. Take care.

TUSHAR I THINK YOU ARE PAID TO BARK ON EVERY COMMENT RELATED TO PAKISTAN,otherwise if they are not a threat for india why are you crying it shows your desperation,and why india feels so uncomfortable of PAKISTAN acquiring new weapons every time and you saying india doesn't want an arms race despite of spending 50 billion$ on arms,YOU BLOODY FAKE COWARDS INDIANS.

Muslims enter in 712 in india
Indain rule on his people and Muslims rule the india........
you said u are not in arms race than u start the nukes program in 70s and after u Pakistan starts nuke program to defend itself.
wiki is not valid source
Bhutto's family come from Iran
if you have no war with Pakistan than why u spent billions on Afghanistan.
now u say that we make development in Afghanistan
My friend come from Afghanistan and he told me that in small village india have camp(base camp) which control by indain agent than u start terrorism activities in Baluchistan.
My brother in Pak army and he is in operation of swat and he told us that we have sold proof of indain agents.
So u do not say india have no war with Pakistan.
i want to say one thing india never accept the Pakistan as country.
if we have war with u and special nuke war. i think both of countries remove themselves from world
Pakistan's people are died but Muslim country are still in world so we are not afraid from india
i said in my comment "india afraid from Pakistan "because i get this from your way of thinking .
i have no hate for india i'm only talk on fact so my bro not take personally.
i think Pakistan and india rule the world if we forget the past and moves forward

why u try to stop Pakistan in arms race?
when u are part of it....
plz answer.......
india no need to worried abt Pakistan

Agree with Tushar.

There's a lot of inferiority complexes and irrelevant cross-border food-fight here.

A lot of nonsenses.

If you truly have the ball, let's discuss the topic at hand. All parties are welcome: Pakistani, Indian and otherwise.

If not, you would end up making yourself sound like a monkey with a mouthpiece: Pakistani, Indian and otherwise alike.

Its good to have variety in fighter jets but i believe PAF should keep on working hard on their own indeginous built fighters because you never know about americans though they have repeatidly said that they wont repeat the 90s mistakes again and wont leave Pakistan on its own to handle the terrorists but who knows and offcource there are grave misunderstandings between Pakistan and India tough there have been Indian foreighn secretry, Home minister and Foreighn minister been in Islamabad but relationship are so thin skinned that any incident would derail all theses efforts,so PAf should keep on working hard on its own programmes.

To asian defence could you confirm that these fightrs have been flown by PAF pilots directly from USA.

yes they were flown by brave pilots

of our air force, a lion is a lion

everybody knows

first of all Tushar we and pakistani are not brothers you can say that just by over difference in thinking i mean look at us we never wish to wage a war and they are always looking for a fight no matter if it is india or if they didn't have an enemy like india they would have fought inside, their whole history is like that the fighting is in their blood man u cant blame them for that they need to fight look at Afghanistan now pakistani and Afghani are brothers they share the similar thinking see in Afghanistan- soviet war when Afghani were not fighting the soviet they use to fight with each other in tribes the whole Afghanistan only units in the case of when a some other country attack them

and by the way guys india got a nuke bomb not to destroy pakistan but it was afraid of china and if u guys think that we hate pakistan then believe me there are very few indian that care or talk about pakistan, but we do worry about china and look at them as a threat to us but chinese ppl don't talk about indians they worry about US and the whole arms buld up the india is doing now is modernizing there is a difference between modernizing and increasing yes and we are increasing our defence and u must have noted that what ever is happening it is near chinese border not the Pakistani border the new airfield the nuke submarine the t72 tanks deployment and building of roads near indo-china border

and this is for indian guys man they are right why do u need to jump in and write comments when things are retailed to their defence if u are so eager right about our defence articles our defence articles are more in this blog then pakistani defence articles

hey guys check this blog out

To Anon June 27 4.44 PM.

You are wrong. Majority of Indian Punjabis have links in Pakistani Punjab. 90% of Pakistans population resides in Punjabi Province and are Punjabi by blood.

Indians and Pakis might have a violent past, but we still remain blood brothers.

The systematic corrpution by the western media during the 1900's by British agencies was meant to weaken the Indian subcontinent.

This is why India and Pakistan are occupied mostly on militarization rather than economical prosperity.

It is well know by the rest of the world, how strong Indian and Pakistanis are in raw sciences. This was the main reason the British chose to develop this inferiority complex.

Again I say, that Indians and Pakistanis should cooperate on the social and personal level, even if the Political Level talks are uneffective.

After all, we need to be friends someday. Look at Germany and France. Look at Japan and the U.S

If Indians and Pakistanis maintain a relationship of trust, there is no country that can impregnate its will upon us.

@ Anonymous June 27 4.19

"A lion is a lion" - true.

A pilot's courage and skill are his/hers to keep.

for the first time i have found TUSHAR writing a positive comment,and this time he is right too,what did you eat that day brother always eat the same.

There can never be any co operation or jining of hands with the hindu banya and a prime example is tushar banya who doesn't fail to swear and write negative comments about Pakistan on this blog. Then when the heat is turned on him, he is all lovy dovy. Not fooling anyone banya.

May the people succeed in what the two govs fail to accomplish.

Ditto - cheers for the twin countries!

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