Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plans to replace Cheetah and Chetak chopper to get delayed:India

Plans to replace the ageing Cheetah and Chetak chopper fleet of the Army and Air Force are set to get delayed, thanks to indecision of the Defence Ministry over conducting of the field trials. The original plan was to induct 197 Light Utility Helicopters (LUHs) starting from 2009-10 but the process has not moved beyond the Request for Proposal stage and the vendors response to it.

The summer trials were planned to be held by June-July this year but they have not been held, resulting in delay of six months in the fresh acquisition process for the choppers. Winter trials, whose deadline is February 15, 2010, are also unlikely to be held as no decision has yet been taken on the schedule, Army sources said in New Delhi.

This is the second time the Rs 3,500 crore tender has been released for inducting 197 LUHs as the first acquisition process was cancelled in 2007 after it was found that Eurocopter had fielded a civilian variant of its chopper for the trials. The cancellation of the previous process in 2007 had pushed back the deal by four years and the present delays in the field trials would mean that the choppers can start getting inducted only in 2013-14 given there are no further delays in the process, they said.

Three vendors, including Eurocopter, Italian Agusta Westland and Russian Mil Corporation, submitted their responses in December 2008 to the tender issued in June last year. Defence Ministry's Technical Evaluation Committee completed its evaluations by April-May this year and had said that the participating companies would be soon invited for trials. The next trials, sources said, would be possible only in April-May next year.

The previous tender was issued in 2003 and American Bell and Eurocopter were short listed for field trials. Of the 197 choppers to be procured, the Army will get 133 choppers and rest 54 will go to IAF for replacing their old French-origin fleet. The two forces need a total of 384 choppers, of which 197 will be supplied by foreign vendors and the rest would be co-developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited with a foreign manufacturer.


Allah be praised !!!!!!!!

great news for pakistan

great news for pakistan? Why? because they cant replace their junk either?

for the sake of pakistan i hope that the acquisition of 22 attack helicopters gets delayed as well

that way the pakistani cobra helicopters will rule over any challenge from indian helicopters

Why not simply procure more Druhv? is it not a light utility helicopter? Tried and tested already? at a much lower cost than any european or US offer?

The proposed light utility helicopter has to be half the size of ALH Druhv.

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Pakis are fucking dumb. Allah Hoe Akbar.

Piss be upon Muhammad.

Damn corner store running Pakis are very proud ROFL

anon @ November 4, 2009 9:53 AM
Allah is not only for the porkis. A lot more muslims live in India than pak. Call wtever u want to the porkis but dont disrespect Allah coz in da process u r also hurting fellow Indians which are as nationalist as u are.
As a hindu we shud observe "Sarv Dharm Sambhaav".

Why is the new helo to be half size of Druhv?

To Anon @ November 4, 2009 9:53 AM

Man, you need to chill down. Disgracing prophets is the work of the lowest among the lows. You can comment of people, nations, and countries. But you have no right to insult one-forth of the man kind. Please refrain from that serious offense. It is a crime and you may be liable to your actions.

I would also request to the moderator to please remove all comments that insulting to the beloved Prophet (PBUH) posted by this insane disgusting person.

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Indians have tons of $ to spend.Yesterday bought gold, today buy weapons. Tomorrow could buy the whole world. Keep going!!!

To shinshin:
ALH Dhruv is 12-14 seater and twin engined while LOH requirement is 6-8 seater and single engined. LOH is essentially to be used for commuting. No point using a large heli for ferrying commanders on the battlefield. Other armys similarly maintain different classes of helicopters for different roles. Dhruv is primarily meant for light infantry assaults.

Definately, Indians are striving. We should cooperate more with China. Even have a FTA with the Chinese as we are going to have it with ASEAN, EU and Japan.

Since the FTA has been signed with South Korea, FDI has increased, but EU has set a deadline to sign the deal by 2010 as regard the FTA.

Imagine a FTA with a $12 trillion dollar economy of EU, the second largest in the world, and then Japan, a $4.7 trillion economy. Both are going to signed in the next 1 year.

India is going to have bilateral trade at a massive trillion in a mater of a few years.


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