Monday, August 23, 2010

V-22 Ospreys May Aid Pakistan Relief

Pakistanis have only asked for 15 helicopters and three or four C-130s. Given that the head of the United Nations has called this the greatest disaster he had ever seen, this seems a fairly paltry response. Gen. Berger indicated that some of the Pakistani airfields are at or near capacity already, pointing to Ghazi air base. Also, Berger said the Osprey was considered for the relief effort. “We looked at is there a need for them right now. The answer is no,” he said yesterday. But Berger was careful to say they may be used sometime in a month or so. The Marines have targeted the Osprey for just such missions, as this article makes clear.Another fact that may indicate the Pakistanis are wary of an increased U.S. presence is that every helo and C-130 flight has Pakistani soldiers aboard.


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