Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Former B-2 Stealth Bomber Engineer Convicted of Selling Secrets to China

A federal jury in Hawaii on Monday convicted a former B-2 stealth bomber engineer of selling military secrets to China.Noshir Gowadia was convicted on 14 counts, including conspiracy, violating the arms export control act and money laundering. He was found not guilty on three counts of communicating national defense information.Gowadia, who has been in federal custody since October 2005, faces life in prison when he is sentenced in November.The decision came after six days of deliberations at a federal court in Honolulu.Prosecutors accused Gowadia of helping China design a stealth cruise missile. They alleged he pocketed $110,000 over two years for his exhaust nozzle design."This verdict sends a very clear message," Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Sorenson said. "We need it to be known that we can litigate these cases in an American courtroom even with a great deal of classified information."


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