Friday, August 20, 2010

Indian MPs worried over threat from China

Concern was voiced in Parliament today over the growing military threat from China in the wake of reports that it has moved longer range missiles close to Indian borders. While a BJP member spoke in the Lok Sabha about Pentagon report on Chinese threat to India, a Congress member in the Rajya Sabha talked about the growing disparity in defence preparedness between the two countries. Raman Deka (BJP) said during the Zero Hour that China has moved new advanced longer range CSS-5 missiles close to the borders with India. Seeking a response from defence minister, he wanted better preparedness by India as there was not much infrastructure on the borders with China. "We have not forgotten the 1962 war", he said adding there were no proper roads for the army to immediately move in case of any eventuality.
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these MPs will only speak or work only when their ass is on fire....and these people want some other agency to tell them that china has moved it missile to borders.....what a shame

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