Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ecuador may return Indian helicopters after crash

Ecuador could return six helicopters recently bought from an Indian company after one of the aircraft crashed at an air show last week, the Unverso newspaper reported.One of the seven Dhruv combat helicopters Ecuador had purchased from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited crashed during an air show in the Ecuadoran capital, Quito, last Saturday, injuring the pilot and co-pilot.

Ecuadoran Air Force chief Rodrigo Bohorquez was quoted as saying the contract allowed the return in the event of an irreparable fault.A special commission is investigating the accident.

The rearmament of the Ecuadoran Air Force was announced in August. The Latin American country's government said it was ready to buy aircraft from Brazil and South Africa. In late September, Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said combat aircraft from any nations, be it Venezuela, Colombia, the United States or Israel, would be welcome as gifts.

Venezuela has already given Ecuador six Mirage-50 planes it had substituted with more advanced Russian Sukhoi jets. Last year, Ecuador also received three Russian Mi-17 helicopters to carry out defense and patrol missions.After Moscow talks between President Dmitry Medvedev and Correa on Thursday a contract was signed on the delivery of two Mi-171E helicopters.


so india cannot even produce helicopters?????........& they call themselves a potential superpower ?? i can just laugh my hear out at this newsreport.

pakistan zindabad


Just the tall silly claims do not make any nation a superpower, a regional, or even just a power. If poverty stricken and insurgency-fested nations start demanding a power status, one can only laugh. Power status does not come from claims or demands, which Indians love to do, because begging is a sign of humiliation. Power status is attained by demonstrated progress and prowess. A country that can not assemble a bicycle of a decent standard and has a sizeable chunk of its population living as slumdogs can not claim to be a regional power. If it shamelessly does that, well, no one gives a damn to that claim. Indians are not even able to make ammunition of their own, big systems such as helicopters, planes, and ships comes at a much later stage. Their helicopter is just a piece of junk that ripped the Ecuadorians off.

anon! India has a cancer stricken patient as its neighbour! unfortunately this cancer is infectious and contageous! Allah-o-Akbar, do you have taalisman for this cancer stricken patient? oh yes! you say nuke them for ever!
good lord ! leave this patient to die its own death!

with 1000s of successful hours to its credit & several casevacs to its name & only 3 accidents till date (1 coz of ill-maintenance & the latest coz of pilot error) Dhruv has proved its capability beyond doubt. people who cannot even make a bicycle themselves have no right to comment on wht India is capable of. Just keep begging - that's wt porkis are capable of.
n we dont need certificates from porki beggars about our capabilities to develop & manufacture.
Porkis drive cars of Indian origin thinking 'em to be imported (suzuki, hyundai etc are all indian designed & manufactured cars exported to pak via mid-east). The diesel they use is from India. Don't forget the films, songs & serials all pakis die for.

Every automobile in the world (barring a few) has some or the other part sourced from India.
Boeing & Airbus source many of their aircraft parts from India (from the same HAL). The software that Airbus uses for its Aircraft manufacture is an Indian product.

Has US aircrafts never crashed? or for that matter Russian or European? Atleast the pilots came out walking alive which is a proof of the sturdyness of the bird. & btw Israelis have bought Dhruv too & all of South America is interested in it.

Don't forget today the whole Europe & even NASA depend a lot on ISRO - the Indian Space Agency which recently helped find water on the moon.
I can give a long list but I know its no use coz the porkis with their madrassa education & deep indoctrination will never accept a word. But that doesnt change the reality - isnt it.

These are exactly called the tall claims faked by fantasy-loving Indians. Instead of putting cheep sub-standard parts in all automobiles of the whole world (another disgusting non-sense claim though), Indians slumdogs should put a piece of meal into the mouth of hundreds of millions of poverty stricken rotting and hplessly dying Indian populace. Covering the prevailing hunger with fancy words doesn’t really help. Rather that futile excercise exposes the underneath ugly reality of Indian hunger even more.

Even more funny is that the Pakis are giving India a lecture on how to be successfull.

The Pakis are the laughing stock of the planet. They publicly Begg the developed world for handouts with their begging bowls in hand.

They cannot even produce a proper rocket for their space program, and use Handouts for their superiority equipment.

Disgusting. WB and IMF report Pakistan is adding 4% yearly to its Poverty.

Bascially this means in another 10 years, 40% more of Pakistan will be under poverty.

Pakistan a superduper power which recieved $500 Million has aid from India when an earth quake hit Balichistan and brought Pakistan to its neez.

The Pakis even Begg their Neighbour and rival for AID.

How pathetic. Allah Hoe AKbar

Pakistan is a Superpower.

The U.S census reports that the Richest minorities in the U.S are Indians at an average earning of $95,000, while the Pakistanis are soo broke, they are next to the Somali's.

Thats what happens, when the majority of Pakistani muslims who immigrate to America, live of Welfare, or drive Cabs.

SuperPower Pakistan. Allah-Hoe-Akbhar. Pee be upon Muhammad.

Ya comming from Pakis, that are being raped daily by U.S drones and living of Handouts from the Americans and other Rulers.

The Dhruv Crash has been reported by the Air Chief of Ecuador and HAL as Pilot error...

Pakis always jump to conclusion, no wonder they are a failed state, hosting 90% of the worlds terror with one hand, and a begging bowl in the other.

Pakistan Zindabad ( allah hoe akbar )

Why Indians allways make fun of Pakistanis. You damn Indians don;t know us. We are a different race.

Pakistanis are a White superior race. We are white, not Black like Indians. We drive Cabs in America, and we own most of the Cabby Companies.

We Pakistanis don't become doctors like you Indians, We Own and operate corner stores world wide.

Also we don't need to work in Pakistan to make money like you bastard Indians in India.

We Pakistanis just begg the Americans and Sell our mothers and Sisters are prostitutes to Arabs inexchange for food and Goats.

Now buzz of you bastard black Indians.

Damn Indians, You don't know us Pakis.

We are much stronger than you in everything.

We have much stronger smell, Much stronger terrorist, much younger wives, much more madrassas, top of the line Heera Mandi Mujjra district, much much more American Aid, much more Rape cases, much more stonings, beheadings, honor killings, and bombings.

We are Pakistan, and We are a superpower. Allah hoe akbar

actually both the nations are not in good shape,so better stop childishly criticizing each other,both are overpopulated and both nations public desperate to settle abroad.
As for indians,what indians do in usa/uk is not important what they do in their country matters,grow up.

Slumdogs from India are barking unabated like hungry dogs. These dogs are in real shock as someone overstepped their short tail. Looks like they just broke out of their dream. Shut up you ugly Indian dogs. If you can not respond in a logical way, why then you Indians start putting your dirty mouth in s*it.

The bottom line is that Ecuador bought Indian junk helocopters. You'll soon hear Ecuador being the number one in S. America in air crashes just like Indians are infamously on top in Asia. Good fall, Ecuadorians.

Pakistan is undeniably a superpower, take a look at these facts!

1. #9 Failed state (2008). US, India, Russia, China and EU countries aren't even in the list!

2. One of the only 3 rogue states in existence.

3. One of the only countries in the world where not a single democraticaly elected government has completed its term.

4. #3 in the world in deaths from suicide bombing.

5. Terrorist powerhouse: Bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Qari Asadullah are hiding there. Moreover, these men are also believed to have been trained there. Pakistan is also the home of various terror networks like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Omar and a safe haven for al-Qaeda. Pakistan is the Oxford in terrorism education.

6. Has the largest slum in Asia, and the 2nd largest on the planet. It's the Orangi Township in Karachi. Can't believe? Google it.

7. Classified as a crisis state


Pakistan is bragging its a**s out about some JF17 fighter jet that it claims to have developed with china. whatta piece of bull. hey porkis name me one component of porki origin in there? not even the paint! and the best part is even china is yet to accept / induct it. and its bcoz porkis are so happy with it they are begging USA for f16s.

@porkis - stop being a choosing beggar. USA is kind enough to give u monetary aid. so instead of complaining about the kerry-lugar bill just accept it graciously and mercifully.

@"We Own and operate corner stores world wide" : lol what ''corner stores''? i have been to usa, uk and australia (countries with high inaidn/porki population) and never found any porki ''corner shops''.... haha.. maybe brothels with your mothers and sisters as staff? that i dont know. indians do respected professions like doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists etc. Its bcoz all pakis run a bunch of corner shops Wasim Akram had to cart his wife to singapore, ended up dying in india... and he criticizes porki healthcare system.

pakistan, pls in the mean time first learn to make ur own car or bike before talking about helicopters here.

paki car? has anyone seen it? here have a look (must see how happy the passengers look)


Keep barking you cow piss drinking, cow shit eating bindus. Thats about all you sh*t faced dirty hoes can do.

Jai Maata Sita Randi Gaandu Bhaarat

Ecaudar bought a German helicopter made in India.

Made in India stuff are not that good qaulity wise.

Ecuador is not going to return any choppers to please the sentiments of some newspaper editor. Even if they want they cannot return them, there is no such contract clause. Besides Ecuador has already indicated they suspect pilot error.

ROFL Pakis got raped.

One Paki even claimed to be proud of running corner stores in the West.


By the way it is now understood the crash was due to pilot error, as stated by ecuador air cheif, and HAL.

India can't be held responsible for retarded ecuadorian pilots.

It is highly doubtful that the crash was due to the pilot error. It was not a regular flight. It was a part of the flight pass attended by the highest political leadership. So, the pilots in such demos are highly skilled. First, Ecuador will probably not be willing to keep the junk. If they somehow get persuaded by the Indian marketing team, (after all the poor Ecuadorians were made to believe and buy the junk in the first place) similar accidents in future can not be ruled out. Mopping the trash under the carpet does not solve the problem.

Anony of November 2, 2009 11:46 AM is clearly a dirty Hindu dalla trying to make fun of Pakistanis and in doing that calling Indians as bastard black Indians. One elase can you expect from a harami Hindu calling his countrymen harami, vow. He probably took a double dose of his pee before putting his post. No one really responded him and then he probably referring his post by himself repeatedly. Shame on all of you maleechh Indians.

ROFL When Ecuador and HAL both say it was pilot error, the silly Paki Muslim Inbreds still don;t belive?

Don't belive, it doesn't make a difference, since it is the opinion of a Paki and nobody listens to Pakis. Thats why you plea to American to stop drone attacks is rubbished.

Muhammad Said in the Sahil Bukhari Hadiths VOl.1, That he drank and prescribed PISS to his followers, No just any PISS, but Camel Piss.

He also married a 6 year old baby girl named Aisha. Filthy

To Anon@3, 2009 10:22 AM;
Crashes at air shows are more frequent as pilots indulge in high risk maneuverer. Just check the history of Paris air Show and also other major ones. Usually a crash of a new type at an air show or elsewhere goes to validate its improved safety features. Many companies have en cashed on such crashes and selling a now "proven" machine.
As all indicators are pointing to pilot error, "wishing" for the machine to be defective wont solve any problem either.

Indians are showing their cheap and ugly side just like they have been doing in the past. If some one questions or comments on the poor quality of Indian helicopter (of German origin though), these Indians get really out of arguments. They rather start spilling shit on others and hurl cheap personal attacks. That explains why poor westerners do not really question whatever the non-sense these Indians keep boasting about. It is just recently that Indians are facing some tough questions, mostly on the Internet, for their tall claims, exaggerated successes, and fancy worded stories. The poor Indians are not used to that kind of questioning. They feel humiliated and they actually should be. The time is no more on their side. Their derogatory behavior is no more going to help them. Their hard headedness is going to be the hell kicked around. Indians have shown even more ugliness of their raw nature than their sub-standard helicopter. Such a disgraced behavior should be a matter of shame for any other people but probably not for Indians.

Anon at Nov 3, 2009, 11:22 am:

"Don't belive, it doesn't make a difference, since it is the opinion of a Paki and nobody listens to Pakis."

Well, atleast you are listening ho, since you wasted your time posting bullshit in response. Btw, if you're going to make up some shit about another religion and try to make it sound legit, atleast get the name of the source right you Maa choding Bindu. Next time try not to expose your bullshit so easily. Besides shouldn't you be running behind some cow with a shovel and bucket, collecting dinner for yourself and your Bindu ho family?

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