Saturday, February 7, 2009

Intermediate Jet Trainer lands on belly

Ravi Sharma
BANGALORE: In a setback to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) programme, the Prototype Trainer Two (PT2), landed on its belly at the HAL airport here on Wednesday evening after a routine aerobatic sortie. The programme is already delayed by four years, The sortie was undertaken as part of the preparations for the next week’s “Aero India 2009” air show here. The aircraft was piloted by HAL’s Executive Director - Chief Test Pilot (Fixed Wing) Squadron Leader Baldev Singh (retd.) and Wing Commander C. Subramaniam, an Indian Air Force fighter pilot on deputation to HAL.

Eyewitnesses said the aircraft appeared to do a normal touch-down, rolled and then the wheels started retracting, forcing it to land on its belly. Landing speed Initial indications are that the landing speed of the aircraft could have been a shade too fast, prompting the pilots to try and retract the undercarriage, and do a touch and go as the aircraft was likely to overshoot the runway. There were suggestions that one of the tyres could have burst during landing, resulting in brake failure. A court of inquiry, headed by Benji Mammen, HAL’s Chief of Project, Light Combat Aircraft, has been set up to look into the incident. There was structural damage to the undercarriage and belly, the doors and one of the wing tips. HAL’s only chance of showcasing the IJT at the air show now rests on PT1, the prototype that suffered a crash in February 2007 (during Aero India 2007) when the canopy opened just before take-off.

The PTI, which has not been flown since then, was recently fitted with the Russian AL-55I engine. While one ground run with the AL-55I (‘I’ for Indian) is over it is yet to get airborne.
Meant to be the backbone of the IAF’s combat pilot training programme, the IJT programme was sanctioned by the government in 1999. Making its first flight in March 2003, it was meant to replace the IAF’s workhorse, Kiran. Around 225 HJT-36s are to be produced, serving the IAF, the Navy as well as the Air Force’s Surya Kiran aerobatic team.


where did you pick up that picture from? You were talking about the PT2 but the picture was not of PT2. It would been better off if had stopped at quoting the incident rather than attempting to give out a hilarious analysis of how and why it happened (the bit on overspeed landing and retracting undercarriage for touch and go).

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i linked the title with the original link written by Ravi Sharma

Picture is from fist crash in 2007(this written on picture name in link)

Does not leave a good impression of India .And its aviation standard.
Looking at these pictures Thr Sino--Pak K8 programme programme and their track record is way forward.

Not only Pakistan & China have embraced the Karakuram k-8 but is opporational with most of Indias nabours and some middle Eastern African & south American countries who are buying it because of its very advance features.

I was astonished to look in the cockpit of a K-8 It is extreamily modern with different plasma screen and very modern gadagetry.

On the other hand you see the halicopter Dhariv ..and the same story repeated in Ecuador.

Chinese has launched the L15.An extreamily modern aircraft looks like the step brother of yak-130.
Chinese have launched it and it is a matter of time when it will be rolling out of

Thanks and hats off to the Indian media for sencuring Pakistan (AMERICAN) in the 80es & 90tes

@ Shafqat ... main pehle hi bataa raha hu .. chinese maal par kabhi bharosa nahi karne ka...

10 din tak hi life time hai chinese maal ki ...
sambhal k rehna... pata chala 1 din India ka sabse purana jet - Vampire hi uski maar k chala jaye ...
kuch pata nahi ....

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