Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two naval bases okayed in Orissa

In an apparent bid to counter China's growing presence in the Bay of Bengal, especially its new forays in Bangladesh and Myanmar, the Indian Government has okayed two new naval bases on the Eastern sea board - Paradip and Tuticorin in Orissa and Tamil Nadu, respectively. These will be the first major naval bases other that Vizag on the eastern coast. The Navy has smaller stations but no big bases that typically provide all logistics support like supplies, replenishment, repair and maintenance. Paradip has a commercial port. Though the east coast as a host of Coast Guard stations, the decision was taken to ramp up Naval presence, sources said. China has announced its intention to build a deep sea port at Sonadia near Cox Bazar Bangladesh. It is also building ports in Myanmar. All these are in the Bay of Bengal and face India.


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