Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kockums launches second submarine for Singapore Navy

RSS Swordsman was launched today with pomp and circumstance. The submarine is the second in the Northern Light project under which two Västergötland class submarines, previously owned by the Swedish Navy, have been rebuilt, life-extended and modernised. The Singapore Navy is therefore receiving the very latest in submarine technology, including world-class stealth technology. Training of the crew is co-ordinated with the Swedish Navy at the naval base in Karlskrona.

"The importance of the submarine is increasing, not least due to its ability to conduct covert reconnaissance. With stealth technology, it can see and hear everything from great distances without being detected itself. This is important for a country’s own defence as well as for joint international security efforts. Today, threats arise not only from regular military forces but also from terrorism and piracy. A modern submarine force must therefore be flexible enough to meet both conventional and nonconventional types of threats," says Kockums CEO Ola Alfredsson.


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