Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indonesia set to continue buying arms from Russia

Indonesia will continue its military-technical cooperation with Russia, the country's defense minister said.Purnomo Yusgiantoro spoke after an official transfer of three Russian-made Mi-35P combat helicopters to Indonesia."We will continue our military-technical cooperation with Russia," the minister said, noting the high quality and reliability of Russian-made military equipment.With the addition of the three Mi-35s, the fleet of Russian-made helicopters in service with the Indonesian Armed Forces now comprises five Mi-35 attack helicopters and six Mi-17V5 multipurpose helicopters.Under a $300 million contract, signed in 2007, Russia recently completed the delivery of three Su-30MK2 and three Su-27SKM fighters to Jakarta in addition to two Su-27SK and two Su-30MK fighters purchased in 2003.


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