Sunday, October 17, 2010

“We are prepared to meet any kind of threat from Pakistan and China” — Indian Army Chief

Chief of the Army Staff, General Vijay Kumar Singh, is a third generation officer of the Rajput Regiment. He has had an outstanding track record ever since he was commissioned in 1970 and is an expert in counter-insurgency operations. Having taken over as chief in March 2010, General Singh has weathered the criticism of army high-handedness in Kashmir and maintained firmness in dealing with the situation apart from working towards transforming the Army. In an exclusive interview at his office in Delhi’s South Block, he spoke for an hour to Editor-in-Chief Raj Chengappa about his efforts to enhance the Army’s ability to deal with all kinds of threats both current and future.

Excerpts: What are the current and future threats to India? Is the Army ready with a long-term defensive and offensive plan to tackle them? We are preparing ourselves to operate in the entire spectrum. So far as the conventional operations are concerned, whether it is conventional with a nuclear backdrop or low intensity, something which is akin to proxy war border skirmishes, we are prepared for everything. As far as the non-conventional threats are concerned like cyber warfare, meddling with what we term as global commerce, those are areas which are receiving due attention. We are looking at what we can create in terms of organisation which can address them even better than what we are doing today.


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