Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No corruption cases in US arms deals

A Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission member denied today any corruption cases in arms deals with the United States. "Contracts were made with the USA to buy M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks and fighter planes," MP Qassim al-Araji told Aswat al-Iraq. 

He called the media reports "illogical," noting that there are "some parts that do not want to see the Iraqi army equipped with developed weapons". "All weapons sales to Iraq are carried out according to USA foreign weapons sales regulations, which are transparent and liable for auditing," the US Embassy in Baghdad announced on Saturday. 

The statement noted that 90 percent of the M1 Abrams tanks deal was handed over to the Iraqi government. "Iraq contracted to buy 140 tanks, of which 131 were delivered, and the remaining 9 tanks are available inside Iraq, but they remain in the possession of the United States," the statement added. The statement elaborated that some of the nine tanks' components are to be delivered in order to be finally handed over.


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