Monday, February 9, 2009

New pictures of F-22P frigate of Pakistan navy

New pictures of F-22P frigate of Pakistan navy courtesy of Saeed Khan

The F-22P Zulfiqar class is an improved version of the Chinese Type 053H3 frigate ordered by the Pakistan Navy (PN). F-22P‘s hull is different from Chinese Type 053H3, with F-22P showing more of a stealthy design (adopting some concept from 054A). Two are currently under trails while the third is under construction. PNS Zulfiqar is armed with eight C-803 surface-to-surface and eight FM-90 (improved HQ-7) surface-to-air missiles. The F-22P uses the Chinese development of Russian AK-176M 76.2 mm as its main gun. Physically, the F-22P has a stealthier platform as it has adopted many RCS reduction features of the Type 054 frigate.

Two 30 mm seven barrel gattling guns serves as CIWS which uses single radar mounted in between both guns. There is also an Electro-Optical tracker placed between the guns to act as an additional target tracking option for CIWS. In future CIWS might be further upgraded with new fire and forget FL-3000N Chinese equivalent of Rolling Airframe Missile).
Pakistan navy will get first F-22 P frigate from China in 2009, and that three more frigates would be delivered by 2013.Three frigates will be manufactured in China and fourth in Karachi. China will also provide six Z-9 helicopters equip these frigates.


decent frigates for a fair price. good job PN!


Decent patrol ship. But PN needs real frigates not these jokes for defence.

How exactly is this ship "stealthy"? Its got radar corners everywhere! "Stealthy" would be the Swedish Visby corvettes and the South African Valour (Meko A200SAN) frigates...

F22P is rather a corvettes then a frigate...small displacement & size wont make it a potent Weapon

it is not the size or stealth which determines the outcome of a battle, courage and faith is the key to victory so F-22P might be smaller in size but the courage of PN is beyond imagination and the time will tell that and my advice to you is that PN or the Pakistani Nation must not be taken lightly

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