Friday, April 30, 2010

India to deploy indigenous coastal surveillance system

An indigenously built coastal surveillance system would be deployed in 46 strategic western and eastern locations in the country from this November to check intrusions from sea and counter such threats, officials said today.Being developed by the Bangalore-based defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL), the system includes radars and electro- optic and meteorological sensors and would be mounted on light- houses or towers at these locations, company officials said. "It will give complete operational picture of the sea up to 20 km deep into the sea. So, all targets can be brought into a screen and they can be seen from regional centres," BEL's Director (R&D), I V Sarma told PTI here.

"We will start deploying the stations (at identified locations) by November or so," he added.BEL's Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Kumar Datt said the system has already been demonstrated at two locations and the trial phase had been completed.The company is now awaiting an order -- valued at more than Rs 500 crore -- from the Indian Coast Guard, which would maintain the stations with BEL's technical support.Under the strategically-important project, officials said 46 locations have been identified along the western and eastern coasts where stations would be be set up. 

The round-the-clock system would enable authorities to collect "radar and visual output"."The concept is to look into the sea, and identify intrusion attempts," Datt said. BEL sources said a centre would be set up in New Delhi which would get information gathered by the surveillance system, while there would also be some regional centres. The entire software for the coastal surveillance system has been developed by BEL's central research laboratory located in Ghaziabad. 

BEL officials said the company is expected to complete the process of installing the surveillances system by June next year, after which the second phase would begin to cover "each inch" of the coast.So, within three years, India is expected to deploy the system along the entire coast. Datt said BEL was in the process of deploying an intelligent CCTV surveillance system in the Parliament under a Rs 30 crore order. BEL officials said this project involved integration of over 400 cameras on a IP platform with an integrated command and control centre.    PTI


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You should include information on Asias largest Slum located in Lahore Pakistan.

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And the final, you should include information the Only nation with Nuclear weapons, thats being bombed on its terrority, by a Christian Power called the U.S of A

Even Iran is stronger than Pakistan, as the U.S won't dare attack it, or even violate its airspace,

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With the vast reaches of the Muslim Central Asia from Chechenya in the north and Afghanistan in the South It is estimated that 500,000 to a Million Jehadi muslim are avalible to wage war over India .

Pakistan,s own estimates are 30000 jehadis are ever ready to cross into the vast reaches of Indian Sub continent once postion stabilizes in their favour in Afghanistan.

2500 Jehadis are ready on 6 hours notice to cross into India.
This estimate is based on the fact that these numbers can be mantained for years end.

People in our part of the world think that India should take a diplomatic approach and as a geasture should work on the political soloution of Kashmir which is based on aspirations of the Kashmari Muslims and Pakistan.

Survalience is not answer to political/diplomatic blunders done over Decades of neglence on part of Govt of India

First of all Inbred Shafaggot Salu

You are forgetting that Kashmiris don;t want to be part of Pakistan, even the Kashmiris living in Azad Kashmir feel the same way. If you want proof, let me know. i'll post links of videos and articles justifying my claim.

Secondly, more Indian muslims are ready to defend India than to fight against it.

Over 400,000 Thousand Indian Muslims serve in the Armed forces of India.

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Leave alone the Iranians, and others. Even the Baltistanis want freedom from Pakistan.

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This is not some conspiracy cooked up in your Madrassa.

This is reality, and soon you will be begging on your neez to the U.S for help. Oh wait, you already are.

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