Wednesday, April 28, 2010

India Delays MRCA

India will miss a deadline tomorrow to complete the world’s biggest fighter-jet purchase in 15 years, risking a possible $1 billion price increase as Boeing Co. and five rival manufacturers resubmit bids.India’s Air Force is still conducting flight trials for competing jets from Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corp. and four European companies, two years after accepting price quotes for 126 warplanes that the government said should cost about $10 billion. The bids expire April 28 and the Defense Ministry has asked manufacturers to submit offers for an additional year, its spokesman, Sitanshu Kar, said in a phone interview in New Delhi.

“The companies have been informed by the government that they can extend their bid for one more year,” Kar said. “They have the option of increasing or decreasing their price.”The delay in buying what India describes as “multi-role combat aircraft” may raise the government’s eventual cost, said Mrinal Suman, a retired Indian army major general and arms procurement analyst. “By the recent track record, the cost of these aircraft generally goes up by 7 percent to 10 percent each year,” Suman said in a phone


It is useless for coward indian army anyway its better not waste any money of poor low life indians.

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Ya Indian army is coward tats why they defeated pakistan in each and every war fought, paksitan doesnt have any option but to surrender every time..........

I pay millions in taxes every year wat r u talking about our standards......

Khan- you tiny rat ass.

Get your country some electricity and education. Some English grammar education would also help.

I too pay millions in taxes and don't bet to others for alms like a beggar.


MR khan this is a defence forum how it is related poor people of India ?
if you so interested in economics you can always use other economic forum .
and first go ask in your madrassa or your army what happened in 1971.


Khan is forgetting his countrys frontier province is being bombed indiscriminately for few million dollars and some thirdgrade refurbished f-16s, without AESAS.

The only beggars and poor cowards in this room are Pakis.

Where the Paki Fauj with the Salwar Kameez, whent he U.S is killing thousands of your civilians?

ROFL, They are doing susu in their Madrassas and Jamat Khanas

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we have problem of electricity but we live like a free bird in our country
i proud to be a PAKISTAn

Khan you cannot be serious man!!!Eurofigheter is a much better plane. You just cannot trust the yanks or the ruskies for that matter.

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