Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peru postpones purchase of MBT-2000 tanks

Defense Minister, Rafael Rey Rey, announced it will recommend to the Council of National Defense delaying the purchase of tanks MBT-2000, arguing that they give priority to the acquisition of equipment for counterinsurgency operations in the Valley of the Apurimac and Ene Rivers (VRAE), where remnants of the Shining Path operates, and border surveillance in the region of Putumayo. In the medium term plans to purchase, among others, at least four helicopters Mi-17 Hip H and 18 EMB-314 aircraft (A-29) Super Tucano, and an undisclosed number of transport planes and a system satellite communications.

The announcement of the postponement of the acquisition of MBT-2000 is a setback for the army of Peru, who only months earlier had announced the purchase, after a lengthy evaluation process, about 120 copies for a total 750 million dollars. Moreover, the PRC won five, which were displayed during the military parade held last December in Lima. The MBT-2000 has a length of 10.07 m., width of 3.5 and a height of 2.4, and its weight is 48 tons in combat.

It is powered by a diesel engine of 1,200 hp 6TD Ukrainian manufacturing, which gives a maximum speed of 65 km / h. and a range of 450 km. The main armament of the tank manned by three personnel (tank commander, gunner and driver) is a 125 mm cannon. Smooth-bore, equipped with 39 missiles and can perform, thanks to its automatic loader, up to 8 rounds per minute, with an estimated effective range of 3,000 m. The secondary is made up of two guns: one of 12.7 mm. with 500 rounds and a 7.62 x 54R equipped with 2500 (Alejo Marchessini correspondent edef Group in Peru)


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