Thursday, April 29, 2010

Second Pakistani Agosta 90B SSK to be retrofitted with MESMA AIP System from 2011

A second Khalid-class (Agosta 90B) submarine of the Pakistan Navy is to be retrofitted with a MESMA (Module d'Energie Sous-Marine Autonome) air independent propulsion (AIP) system from 2011, according to French shipbuilder and systems specialist DCNS.A DCNS spokeswoman told Jane's on 20 April that the MESMA unit would be installed in the 1,760-ton boat during its first long overhaul period in Pakistan.Two of Pakistan's three Khalid-class submarines - PNS Khalid (S 137) and PNS Saad (S 138) - do not yet have AIP, but the spokeswoman was unable to say which of them would receive it.

The unit was completed by DCNS in Cherbourg and transferred on 15 April to a test site at Indres-Nantes, where it will be tested before being shipped to Pakistan.The liquid oxygen MESMA system is installed within a hull plug measuring 6.2 m in diameter and 8.6 m long and weighing 160 tons. It has a power output of 200 kW, quadrupling a submarine's dived performance at 4 kt and allowing it to carry out extended underwater operations of two weeks or more.Pakistan ordered the three Khalid-class boats from France in the early 1990s, with Khalid and Saad entering service in 1999 and 2003. The final boat, PNS Hamza (S 139), was fitted with the MESMA system during its construction at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works and was commissioned in September 2008.


Agostas are old and garbage submarines. They cannot compete with scorpenes or even kilos.

But Pakis like to brag about their junk. I think I even heard a Paki bragging about some old 35 year old Oliver Hazard Perry, which his nation will recieve without any offensive weapons

Shame Shame beggars

I dont get the moderation of this blog, my comments get banned, but are far less offensive?

Atleast we see what the Indians are full of hate.

Type99, your Paki ness is spewing out of your comments.

Helpless beggars. You are being bombed in your own country, while having nuclear weapons, and claiming to be a islamic power !!

Hahah Biggest joke of the century.


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