Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Royal Malaysian Navy plans to expand fleet

The grounding and training provided for our submariners are of such high quality that Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) crew were invited to serve with the French navy.RMN chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar said the exposure given to its submariners was so thorough that the French navy was willing to have them aboard their submarines."This shows the level of competency our crew have attained, and the credibility they have achieved during their stint in France."

Abdul Aziz was referring to the 500-odd RMN crew trained in Brest, France initially in the Agosta training vessel before being deployed into the two Scorpene SSK submarines -- all three vessels of which were procured under a total package worth RM3.42 billion in 2006.It is understood that the RMN's future fleet programme includes a second batch of Lekiu-class frigates, New-Generation Patrol Vessels (NGPV), Multi-Purpose Support Ships (MPSS), maritime patrol aircraft and anti-aircraft/ship/submarine warfare helicopters.The RMN's ultimate goal is to have six-vessel squadrons of each class by the year


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