Saturday, November 7, 2009

First JF-17 fighter plane produced in Kamra to roll out this month

The first JF-17 Thunder fighter plane produced in Kamra will roll out by the end of this month.This was stated by Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Pakistan Air force in an interview on Saturday.“This will start a new era in Pak-China relationship, and aviation industry”, said CAS while talking to APP. Rao Qamar Suleman is currently here to attend the 60th anniversary of founding of PLAAF.

“Both China as well as PAF are attaching lot of importance to this project”, CAS Rao Qamar said. The JF-17 fighter aircraft will help to replace the existing fleet of PAF comprising F-7, A-5 and all Mirage planes, he said.


a promising aircraft not just for china/pakistan but host of countries which cannot afford western fighters.many times better than hyped LCA.

But, but India is a superpower. Read this:

Long live Bharat!!

But, but India is a superpower. Read this:

Long live Bharat!!

Well it's stupid to compare India's potential superpower capacity to Pakistan.
It's like saying that China can become a superpower instead of Taiwan.

Also, the word superpower is used very offhandly these days. America is still the only superpower right now, China is a rising/potential superpower, but still have not achieved the influence - espicially in military terms that America has.
India is a rising Great Power, not yet a superpower.

we can penetrate their defenses

with five good men, forget about

jf-17 you guys wait till we get j-10. more and more and more

super power, how about china?

US says they are second to us

The aircraft is so bad that even the Chinese don't use it in their airforce :)

they do use it, they call it FC1 in china

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