Thursday, July 22, 2010

FNSS Unveils Amphibious Assault Bridge (SYHK) System

Turkish Amphibious Assault Bridge SYHK) concept is similar to the German M3 Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying System. SYHK Amphibious Assault Bridge is designed by the FNSS Defence Systems Inc to carry the weights up to 70 tonnes. Project started in 2007 and its serial production is expected to start for Turkish Army in 2012 once trails are completed. Turkish army in first phase will purchase 52 SYHK Turkish Mobile Floating Assault Bridge.

 On January 30th 2007, FNSS signed contract with Turkish Ministry of Defense Undersecretariat of Defense Industries to supply Amphibious Assault Bridges (AAB) to Turkish Land Forces. Total value of this contract was US$ 130.8 Million and scope of the contract was to design, develop and manufacture Amphibious Assault Bridges for Turkish Land Forces. Production of first prototype of Assault Bridge started in 2009, was completed on June 14, 2010. Three such prototypes of SYHK System will be produced to complete tests.

FNSS Defence Systems Inc is the leading manufacturer of tracked Armoured Combat Vehicles and Wheeled Armoured Vehicles in Turkey. FNSS is jointly owned by BAE Systems Land and Armaments (formerly United Defense) of the USA and the Nurol Group of Turkey.. FNSS has manufactured Armoured Combat Vehicles in large quantities for theTurkish Army.

FNSS has also developed a stretched version of the Armoured Combat Vehicle called ACV-S. This version was previously called ACV New Generation (ACV-NG). ACV-S (Armoured Combat Vehicle – Stretched) is a stretched version of the FNSS ACV which has already been produced for the Turkish Land Forces, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia and has been ordered by Jordan.

Armoured Combat Vehicle has been deployed in Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo with Turkish Land Forces in support of United Nations peacekeeping operations. So far more than 2,500 Armoured Combat Vehicle have been ordered.

FNSS has also developed PARS (Leopard) Wheeled Armoured Vehicles family with 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 versions. Development of FNSS Pars wheeled armoured vehicle began in 2002 and PARS 8x8 was revealed for the first time in February 2005 during the IDEX defence equipment exhibition held in Abu Dhabi. Malaysian Defense ministry has ordered 257 Turkish 8x8 Pars wheeled armored vehicles.


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