Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indian Army overhauls T-90 tanks indigenously

In a move that will ensure fast deployment of tanks, the Indian Army’s base workshop has carried out the first-ever overhaul of the Russian-built T-90 tanks, which form the frontline of the attack formations.

This will be a major step in sustaining the readiness of T-90 fleet of the Army, said Lt Gen Vinay Sharma, Master General Ordnance, as the first such overhauled tank rolled out of the 505 Army base repair workshop. Lt Gen AKS Chandele, DG EME, and Lt Gen D Bhardwaj, DG mechanised forces, were present when the first tank was handed back to the Army, a spokesperson said.

A team of three officers and 26 technicians trained in India and abroad completed the overhaul of the first tank in 214 days. The overhaul carried out at a cost of Rs 4 crore gives a life extension of about 15 years to the tank and will save Rs 14 crore to the exchequer which would have been the additional cost of sending the tank to Russia getting the overhaul done


it is indeed commendable that army base wksp has been able to overhaul the tank T-90 with any outside assistance

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