Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project-15 Class Missile destroyer INS Chennai launched

The Indian Navy launched a new warship, a missile destroyer in the Project-15 alpha class, at the Mazgaon Dock in Mumbai on Thursday.Elizabeth Antony, wife of Defence Minister AK Antony, launched the warship. Speaking on the occasion, Defence Minister AK Antony said that India should have indigenous warship manufacturing capability and that the country cannot depend on foreign shipyardsThe Project 15 Alpha is code name for Kolkata-class destroyers that are being made in the Mazgaon dock in Mumbai. These are the largest warships ever constructed at Mazgaon, the oldest and the most prolific of all Indian naval dockyards.Aimed at adding a new dimension to the country's naval warfare, India has launched the indigenous warship with enhanced stealth features and land-attack capabilities................................Source


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