Friday, May 28, 2010

Australian and Afghan National Army Soldiers Completed Operation TOR GHAR IV

Last week approximately 250 Afghan National Army and 1st Mentoring Task Force (MTF-1) soldiers completed Operation TOR GHAR IV (‘Black Mountain’ in Pashtu), a dangerous and complex re-supply convoy between Tarin Kowt and Kandahar in Afghanistan.The first leg from Tarin Kowt to Kandahar, a 150 kilometre road trip, involving around 100 vehicles, was conducted without incident in around 18 hours on 16 May. The return trip was completed without incident on 20-21 May.

Officer Commanding the MTF-1 elements on Operation TOR GHAR IV, Major David Ryan, said the convoy was the second major re-supply activity to be conducted by the Australian and Afghan soldiers this year.“We conducted Op TOR GHAR III a couple of months ago with our Afghan National Army counterparts – it went well, but needed some refinement in terms of Afghan Army planning,” Major Ryan said.“This time the Afghan commanders really stepped up to the plate; planning and executing a successful operation.”
The convoy travels down one of the most dangerous roads in Afghanistan, requiring extensive clearance of improvised explosive device threats. “Our engineers and Afghan engineers worked shoulder-to-shoulder along the highway searching for threats to the convoy,” Major Ryan said.“The operation was conducted without incident – it is testament to a well planned and executed team effort involving Afghan soldiers, MTF-1 soldiers, Afghan National Police, and engineering and helicopter assets from ISAF Forces.”


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