Monday, May 31, 2010

Pakistan Army’s Azm-e-Nau-III: Hot Start Vs Cold Start

Iftikhar Butt

Pakistan Army’s Azm-e-Nau-III exercise ends with 35 days round-the clock, almost non-stop, drill for sharpening wits and weapons, upgrading and uplifting physical and spiritual endurance capacities and capabilities and above all it was an exercise for operational readiness of faith, discipline and armament-with a renewed determination to fight any force on earth threatening the security, people and national assets of Pakistan. Pakistan’s armed forces are a strange phenomenon.

The enemy will find them ever ready for any war, from anywhere, anytime. Its preparedness will be always at the optimum level-may it be Armageddon. Exercise Azm-e-Nau III has left Indian defence analysts, think tanks, the untrustworthy neighbor and its unpredictable army big wigs guessing what was Pakistan Army and government up to.

The Indian government’s thinking is reflected by what her paranoid army and defence analysts think. They are desperate and untrustworthy. And Pakistan is going by the experience with its psychopathic arch enemy who is plundering public money to buy all sorts of choiced weapons to cause maximum harm to Pakistan.

India’s Cold Start-a doctrine evolved in 2004 gives enough exposure to their open intentions to go for a joint-air force, navy and army offence against Pakistan. The Cold Start strategy is aimed militarily at Pakistan and is offensive operation specific. Pakistan government are well aware of their enemy’s outrageously wicked and odious designs. If we just have a cursory glance at the magnitude of India’s defence expenditure for fiscal 2010-2011 we will come to know that it has been raised by 3.98 percent.

They have 32 billion dollars to make happen a catastrophe in the region without predicting that this country would be no more on the world map. India being the largest buyer among emerging countries has already imported military hardware worth 28 billion dollars since 2000 from Israel, Russia, France and Britain. Obviously this kind of preparedness is not meant for small states like Bhutan etc. Further more, India has recently inducted its longest range nuclear-tipped missiles into the army and plans to spend upto US 42 billion dollars on modernisation of its military.

We have just taken a peek at the defence spending of a peace loving country whose 80 percent population is struggling to exist. Acting according to the teachings of their “great” philosopher Chankiya the Indian leaders with an olive branch in their hands have always been straining their every nerve, every wit to subjugate their smaller, weaker neighboring states and even erase their national identity.

And that’s what their godfather, mentor Chankiya’s philosophy is descending through ages, and it has become a nature and psyche of Indian leaders and thinkers. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was also fascinated by Chankiya’s teachings. It is an aging old saying about Hindu leaders-they have a dagger hidden in their armpit and Ram’s name on their lips. Indian leader’s perturbance over Azm-e-Nau III military exercise is really justified.

They are paranoid and scared and are attributing the massive military exercise to different motives, perhaps to satisfy their own wily minds. The employment of U.S. supplied military hardware in the exercise greatly irked the Indians. They know it was being proclaimed “India threat-centric” and they also know that they have been using in their exercises military hardware bought and gifted from U.S., Russia and other countries. Pakistan is a sovereign country-it can go for a quid pro quo or any kind of offensive including nukes if its security is challenged by any country.

The army chief General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani has time and again rejected insinuation and a vicious propaganda against Pakistan army launched by Indian and its best friends including U.S. and Israel. General Kayani has also warned the enemies of Pakistan that strategic decisions regarding where, when and how many troops should be deployed were for Pakistan to make and that would be base on objective analysis and full understanding of the threat spectrum.

And when quite recently when an orchestrated slander campaign was launched by the enemy of Pakistan and their agents about the security of nukes Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani sounded them a warning. He warned the detractors that our nuclear weapons are the cornerstone of Pakistan deterrence strategy and enjoy complete national consensus and support.

The Prime Minister dismissed with contempt the U.S. and Indians masterminds of the propaganda with the remarks that their insinuations to the contrary are plain, mischievous and malicious. The Indian leaders and army were perturbed 20 years hence when Pakistan army conducted Zarb-e-Momin (1989) after its pivotal role in forcing Soviet army out of Afghanistan. The entire world knew Pakistan’s role in the victory but India going by its traits was adamant to take it. Now after 20 years the Indian species are again have gall in their heads.

The chief cause of their irritation is that Pakistan army is conducting Azm-e-Nau III of an unprecedented magnitude “sending India politico-military signals”. They are expressing fears that General Kayani through his military genie has brought about U.S.’s U-turn in favour of Pakistan army will ultimately facilitate the U.S. military exit from Afghanistan and the latter conceding strategic space in Afghanistan to the Pakistan army.

The Indian army and leadership feel miserable that they have been sidelined and isolated by U.S. apprehending that these two major factors-Afghanistan and U.S. sidelining India carry politico-military implications for India. Their defence analysts also conclude that Pakistan army, its strategic sensitivities and interests in Afghanistan would be upheld by the United States, disregarding India’s objections to the contrary.

They are further anticipative of the fact that Pakistan army could prevail over United States to make India yield on Kashmir issue. Their defence experts are also cautioning the Indian leaders and policy makers who are infatuated with India-U.S. strategic partnership that if the chips are down the United States will always throw its dice in favour of the Pakistan Army.


Very well invetigated and written indeed.

I fail to understand what's all this Indian aggression mania is about?Since the partition Pakistan has waged 3 wars against India by invading Indian territories.Still Pakistan is fighting a proxy war for China by using militants. When did India invade Pakistan?Even the PoK is left to Pakistan and never taken back. India never claimed the Pakistani Punjab to make it one state either. So where is this hysteria from?that sort of crap talk about India has no place in modern day society and only reiterates what Premier Berlusconi once said that Islamic world today belongs to the dark ages and has no place in modern society.Shame that instead of being stupid India and Pakistan does not form an alliance like Australia-NZ which would not only serve the economic interests of the two countries but put China in its place and make the combined military a formidable force to reckon with.

Coming from a failed state with only anti India agenda in mind the article is not a surprise.Talking about Indian army being paranoid is a laugh considering the fact that it has always been Pakistan which has invaded India from 47 till the Kargil war n always got beaten up in the process.
Yes we have right to be paranoid as we are surrounded by two hostile nations who have forced war on us on 5 differnt occasions and if it takes to spend billions of dollars to keep the country safe then so be it.
Maybe the failed nation like Pakistan would come out of its India nightmare n reigh in the terrorists that its exporting througout the world.It's not long before when the world realises that the problem is not the indivdual enteties but the Pakistan authoristies who help them spreading the terror.

This iftikhar dude needs to see a shrink man...

i just wanted to iform you... indians dont teach extreme versions of their religion to thier children and poison their minds.. they allow them to grow up... and indian army has never threatened the civilian govt... it is totally ruled by the civilian govt... top generals take pride in taking orders from civilians... and the army is not spending most of the money of the country on weapons... it spends a lot on social and infrastructure developement... and the economy of india is bigger and more geared to support the indian army...

except for writing crapy words and calling the neighbour a pscopath.. you might want to look at your self... the best export for pakistan is terrorism and mullahs... india or the indian army dont seem to be doing this..

you see when the indian army was told to do something about a problem like pakistan , it did , it broke it into two pieces...

look at yourself before you comment and write such articles.. it doesnt make you look like a sane and educated paerson but an extrimist with an internet connection...

sir ge u dont know about a thing about 3 wars.. india is the one who started those wars except kargil !!! anyways good luck !!! lol we r always ready to defend and protect pakistan !!!! do u know that ur great india is supporting those mullas in north waziristan they have ur weapons !!! indian made andd indian currency too !!

Insurgencies stricken India needs not worry about the defense budget hike in Pakistan. Home to many hundreds of millions of poverty stricken slumdogs, India needs to spend the most for the betterment of its unfortunate people rather than spending huge amounts on procuring advanced weapons. That will certainly help India’s neighbors too to pay more attention on social sectors.

India has tried to undo the creation of Pakistan since the very time of partition in 1947. They attacked J&K in 1948 under the garb of a fake (actually non-existent) document of accession. Later they cowardly attacked Lahore with plans to have drinking spree in Lahore Gym. But they only saw the face of failure and tasted a lot of their own blood. They could never reach to even the outskirts of Lahore despite their overwhelming numeric superiority. But an army of monkeys can not really fight a war. Desperate and disappointed Indians then created a terror outfit, called Mukti Bahini, primed to wage a war against Pakistani forces in East Pakistan. Later regular Indian army was also put in naked aggression in East Pakistan without even a declaration of war. This time the terror and aggression won and Pakistan lost its eastern arm. Indians later tried every opportunity to drag their feet in J&K. They would occupy a few strategic mountain tops almost every year when Pakistanis would vacate them during harsh winter. They occupied Siachen in 1984. It is only after Pakistan got a nuclear capability that India was forced to stopped its systematic and continuous aggression in J&K. Later the enemy brought up all its forces several times to the Pak border but the coward monkeys could not muster courage to cross the red line. Still these liar Indians blame Pakistan for aggression three times when it was, in fact, India that has been committing aggression against Pakistan all along their short history as an independent country. It is not just Pakistan, but rather all India’s neighboring countries that have been subject to systematic Indian aggression and blackmail.
created a terror outfit since

Well, agreed it cost lots of money, like in Kargil? but resolved by President Clinton and Nawaz Shareef. Thanks to them,Really.
Spending money on Bull fights near Rajustan also takes lots of money, Indian started it and Pakistan followed it. Why there is arguments?

chill mate.As India has recently tried to pressurize pakistan by saying that it has adopted cold start strategy to attack pakistan so our side is telling them back that we have also adopted a counter strategy about it.Its a normal standard in miltary to keep up with challenges.As some one said the nations who swet during peacetime escape to bleed in the war time.India just happen to have a very vigilant and brave amrmy to face when it come to army to army The problem is indians want that like other curruption-runied ppp led departments of pakistan,pak armed forces should be low standard too.Now that is not a sign of bravery is it?Indian army knows very well that if it has to attack pakistan it will see an army of lions which to be very frank they can not.They only want to atatck pakistan if they can win it like they exploited our weakness in east pakistan in 1971 and attcked.The fact is if pakistan is stable and functional properly there is no way even 4times big amred forces of india attack and enter in way.My backfround is from armed force and i can certainly say this that pakistan armed force are one of the best in the world and then we are brave and Muslims who feel it pride to give life for our Islamic state.WE are lions!

india does want peace because if it does why giving offensive statments of cold start startegy.It is trying to act as superpower which it is not.India knows there is no way things can get better without solving water and kashmir issue still it does want to get talking.Self origanised terrorist attacks to find excuses diverting talks frm real issues will never bring peace.How can some one expect peace in the region with one country stopping water of other with nukes on both sides.

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