Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures of PAF's Mirage-III Rose-I being Air Refueled by IL-78P Midas R09-001

The Ilyushin IL-78 Midas R09-001 Air-to-Air Refueler aircraft of Pakistan Air Force has taken part in High Mark 2010.Delivery of remaining three Refueler aircraft is planned to complete by 2010.Pakistan airforce has purchased a total of 4 Il-78P Midas tanker aircraft have from the Ukraine. These aircrafts are equipped with Soviet-designed UPAZs pods and refueling kits on Mirage-III Rose-I is of South African origin. In first stage PAF has announced that 30 Mirage-III Rose-I will be upgraded with in-flight refuelling probes and this too is being done at PAC kamra.The Il-78s will give the PAF its first airborne refueling capability. They will help train Pakistani crews in mid-air refueling techniques, and once operational will be used to refuel the Mirage-III, JF-17 Thunder and Fc-20.


Well done PAF,keep on modernizing and working hard, all the best.

but this IL78 cannot refuel the f16????

No IL78P cant be used to refuel the F-16s in Pakistani service

No IL78P cant be used to refuel the F-16s in Pakistani service

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