Friday, May 21, 2010

Indigenous Arjun MBT has Only 42% Indigenous Content

In March, Livefist had reported that "Army will not order more Arjuns" giving a MoD source and some reasons. So the latest order for another 124 Arjuns would have been a painful process for the Army, made possible due to the recent success of the Arjun vs the T-90 in field trialsThe latest order of 124 Arjun Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) over and above the existing order of 124 Arjun tanks, which the army had committed to Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) earlier.

Financial Express reports that during the trials Arjun MBT was 30% more efficient than the Russian T-90s. Besides the logistics, the main issue is that the heavier Arjun would require some of the bridges to be re-inforced before they can take the extra weight. Hence, the force's requirement for 1,781 MBTs to replace the older T-55 and T-72 tanks will primarily be met through the progressive induction of 1,657 T-90S tanks. Even though Arjun is said to be indigenous, nearly 58% (by cost) is foreign equipment.


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