Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inside story: Team LCH upbeat over maiden flight

It’s champagne time. Work hard and party hard -- that's the fair norm even in the business of plane-making. And, Team LCH is exactly doing that. A toast after the triumph. A toast for tomorrow.

Just days after the maiden flight of their light and lethal chopper, Light Combat Helicopter, the mood at Camp LCH inside the heavily fortified Helicopter Complex in Bangalore is just what the doctor ordered. Throwing the media gag imposed by a bunch of nil-sighted babus at the top, a group of passionate members of Team LCH spoke their hearts out to tarmak007. Here’s the best-cut of what they shared, in their own words, at one of the finest waterholes located close to a golf course near Bangalore’s old airport......................Read More


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