Thursday, July 29, 2010

Indian MoD Comments Various Defence and Security Issues

According to the Indian Press Information Bureau, the following information was recently given by Indian Defence Minister, Shri AK Antony in written replies to members of the Parliament of India: Weapons for Low Intensity Conflict DRDO is involved in development of defence technologies and now focusing on customization of certain technologies already developed for military operations to these new emerging security threats and development of new technologies and devices as projected by security forces, both military and para military, during recent interactions with them. Based on security forces’ needs and DRDO capabilities, the requirements have been grouped in various technology heads, like technologies and devices for surveillance and Reconnaissance; Enhancing Day and Night Vision capability; Incapacitation; Arms and Ammunitions; Detection and Diffusion of Explosive and IEDs; Communication and Jamming; Personnel Protection and Support Systems.

 A comprehensive mission mode programme with participation of many DRDO labs, security forces and industries is being formulated. Some of the weapons developed by DRDO which are quite useful for LIC Operations are as follows: (i) INSAS Rifle (Weight with loaded magazine - 4.1 Kg and effective range – 400 m). (ii) Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC) (Weight with loaded magazine – 3.4 Kg and effective range – 200 m). (iii) Oleo-Resin (Chilli) Based Hand Grenade. (iv) CR Based Shells. (v) Tear Gas Grenades (To incapacitate terrorists and flushing them out from their hideouts and for mob dispersal / riot control operations). (vi) Plastic Bullets (Non-lethal & non-poisonous bullets do not expand after penetration and cause only superficial injuries).


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