Saturday, July 31, 2010

China Missile-Removal Offer Goes Unanswered

Taipei's China policymakers yesterday declined to comment on Beijing's latest overture hinting at the possibility of removing missiles targeting Taiwan.The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) would not comment until it fully understands China's offer, said MAC Vice Chairman Liu Te-shun.A spokesman for China's defense ministry, Geng Yansheng, said earlier that Beijing would discuss the removal of guided missiles targeting the island under the “One China” principle at a proper time.Geng told a press conference in Beijing that in order to resolve the missile issue, the two sides should first build a military mutual trust mechanism.Asked what is the biggest obstacle to building a cross-strait military mutual trust mechanism, Geng said there would not be too many problems, as long as both sides adhere to the “one China” principle.


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