Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Problems in Acquiring Engines for JF-17 Aircraft :PAF Chief Qamar Suleman

Pakistan Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has rubbished claims that production of JF-17 Thunder warplanes has been hit by problems relating to procurement of Russian engines and said the manufacturing of the fighter planes in joint collaboration with China was proceeding smoothly. The Air Chief was speaking to media on the occasion of his visit to Farnborough International Air Show where two PAF JF-17 aircraft are on static display.

“There are no problems whatsoever regarding the supply of engines for these aircraft contrary what has been appearing in the international media,” he asserted. The Air Chief who visited the site where two PAF planes are on display and met the pilots and the ground staff, said he has been encouraged by the positive response of friendly countries who have shown interest in the aircraft.

He said both Pakistan and China have evolved a joint strategy to sell these planes to the interested countries.

The President of China Aviation Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC), Li Yu Hai who was also present on the occasion categorically stated that they have received no information from Russia on suspending the further supply of 100 RD-93 engines.

The Pakistani Air Force chief added that China has also manufactured engines for this aircraft which are currently under testing and trials.“We have to see how far these engines are successfully and then possibly induct them into JF-17”.

He said Pakistan was looking to manufacture around 250 of these aircraft to replacing its present fleet of A-5s, FP-7 and Mirages.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, Egypt has launched negotiations with Pakistan in relation to licensed production of these single engine multimode fighter aircraft.

According to the magazine, the Russian defence manufacturers are facing strong competition from China vis-à-vis their MIG-29s which carry a price tag of US $ 35 million as compared to 10 million dollars for FC-1 fighters.

The magazine said MIG-29s are currently competing with FC-1s in an Egyptian tender on the delivery of 32 fighters while the Middle East country is also negotiating with Pakistan.

The Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Co-operation approved re-export of RD-93 engines to Egypt as part of the FC-1 fighter package in November 2007.

While the PAF chief was visiting static display of JF-17, overhead an array of latest Western fighter planes including the state-of-the-art F-22 Raptor, F-16, F-18, Euro fighter Typhoon, British-made Hawke trainer thrilled the crowd with their aeronautical characteristics during the flying display.

Pakistan plans to fly the JF-17 planes at the next 2012 show. In the meantime, these planes will also participate in the Singapore International Air Show next year.

The Commander of the Saudi Arabian Dharan Airbase also visited the site and evinced keen interest in JF-17. As he sat in the cockpit he was explained about its various features by wing commander Khalid who flew one of the planes from Pakistan. The PAF Chief also sat in the cockpit. Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Arif. Project, Director, of JF-17 was also present on the occasion.

Both Pakistan and China have set up a joint stall at the main exhibition hall and has been receiving numerous enquiries regarding the aircraft which has put on display for the first time at an international air show.
The Pakistan Air Force officially inducted its first JF-17 squadron on February 18 this year.

The JF-17 aircraft will be produced in blocks of 50 aircraft each where every succeeding block would be an upgraded version of the preceding block. Pakistan ’s share in co-production of the airframe of JF-17 aircraft would be more than 50%. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra, has the capacity to roll-out 15-25 aircraft per year.- APP


Excillent what an achievement by china and pakistan together. Keep on doing hard work.

To asian defence could you please confirm if these planes are flown by PAF pilots direct from Pakistan to UK and if this is the case then how these fighters got eough fuel.

These two JF-17s belong to 26 Sqn “Black Spiders” of the Pakistan Air Force, based at Peshawar in the north of Pakistan.

Yes, both aircrafts were flown by the Pakistan air force pilots, Wing Commander Khalid and Sqn Ldr. Leader Azkaar.

They made refueling stops in Saudi Arabia and Turkey on their way to Farnborough 2010 Air show .

JF-17 will give a flight demonstration at the Zhuhai Air Show in November and these planes will also participate in the Singapore International Air Show next year.

Thanks thats good information well done you realy work hard
i appreciate

Russia is likely to block the sale of the Engines at a critical juncture......Chinese engine is not reliable...we might be heading for trouble

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