Thursday, July 29, 2010

Turkish Medium Altitude Long Endurance Anka UAV

The Anka UAV, which has a 17.3-meter wingspan, is eight meters long and has a maximum payload of 200 kilograms, will make its maiden flight in October and reach initial operating capability with the Turkish Air Force in September before reaching full operating capability in December 2012, TAI said at the Farnborough Air Show.

TAI sister company Aselsan is supplying the UAV's EO/IR pod and SAR/GMTI radar, while TAI is providing a ground control station, a mobile set-up for exploiting imagery and remote visual terminals supplying real-time imagery to ground troops.

The Anka will have automatic take-off and landing and autonomous flight capabilities, as well as retractable landing gear, a heavy fuel engine, line-of-sight navigation with a range of 200 kilometers and deicing capability.

"There is a high interest in this UAV from export customers and we are prepared to invite them to join the program at observation or associate level," said TAI CEO Muharrem Dortkasli.


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