Thursday, July 29, 2010

Indian Media Reveal Details of Royal Navy Submarine Operations

Defence chiefs were furious after the Indian authorities disclosed that Royal Navy submarines were taking part in secret naval war games off the coast of Goa.The whereabouts of British warships is usually kept a closely-guarded secret, with Ministry of Defence officials refusing to confirm even which ocean a particular vessel is operating in.But hours before the games began, the Times of India published full details of the exercise, in which the "hunter-killer" Trafalgar Class HMS Talent was tasked with tracking down the Indian sub INS Shankush.In a further breach of security, the newspaper even named the commander of the UK task group, Commodore James Morse, who headed a nine-member British Navy team which took on an 11-man contingent from India under the leadership of the commander of the INS Talwar, Captain M A Hampiholi.


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