Sunday, June 27, 2010

F-16 C/D Block 52 Fighter Aircraft Handed Over to Pakistan Air Force

Latest version F-16 C/D Block 52 fighter aircraft, which arrived yesterday, were handed over to Pakistan Air Force in an august ceremony held at PAF Base, Shahbaz (Jacobabad), today. General Norton A Schwartz, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force who is specially visiting Pakistan for the occasion attending the ceremony.

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, PAF, US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson, Vide Admiral Michael LeFever, US Defence Representative in Pakistan, along with other senior PAF, USAF, civil and military officials were also present on the occasion. Lt Gen Hostage of USAF (Centcom) handed over the documents of the newly inducted aircraft to Air Marshal Mohammad Hasan, Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Operations), Pakistan Air Force.

Air Chief while addressing at the occasion said, “PAF Base, Shahbaz has been developed into a modern Base capable of handling state of the art and most modern fighter aircraft of the world in less than one year. Completion of this task in a record time reflects the spirit of PAF, which is used to working against heavy odds and meeting the assigned tasks within the available limited resources. These new aircraft will begin a new era of hitech environment in the PAF. This technology will not only eliminate our existing limitations
of precision night operations but also enable the PAF to meet its mission more effectively.

The mission of the PAF is to Maintain Peace with Honour in the Region: should this primary effort of maintaining peace fail, we will use our resources including these aircraft to defend our country against any internal or external threats.” This handing over formally starts the delivery of the fleet of 18 F-16 C/D Block 52 fighter aircraft to Pakistan. PAF would receive these state-of-the-art aircraft from the US Govt in different batches. AIM-120 C5 BVRAAM for these F-16s have already been delivered to Pakistan. The delivery of all 18 aircraft would complete by the end of this year.In addition to delivery of 18 aircraft the US would also help Pakistan in upgrading existing lot of F-16s matching to the latest version.


Let's see when that slumdog (tushar) appears here to vent his disappointment and shed his internal fear. I can tell you what he is going to say (as I know how his empty skull was filled by temple education in India) ... Pakistani stuff is inferior, the bulky SU-30 are better than any thing else in world even if a slumdog is flying them, every thing in Pkaistani arsanel has been taken care of, bla bla shit bla. But I am sure he wouldn't stop writing his crap here on this blog.

LoL... one of my main reasons to visit this blog is to read Tushar's prejudice rant's on any quoted article on Pakistan.

Tushar keep it up dude we all need to laugh at your expense ;)

tushar coward where r u.....:)

I would like to repeat my comments againd that its good to have variety in fighter jets but i believe PAF should keep on working hard on their own indeginous built fighters because you never know about americans though they have repeatidly said that they wont repeat the 90s mistakes again and wont leave Pakistan on its own to handle the terrorists but who knows and offcource there are grave misunderstandings between Pakistan and India though there have been Indian foreighn secretry and Home minister in Islamabad this week but relationship are so thin skinned that any incident would derail all theses efforts,so PAf should keep on working hard on its own programmes.

To asian defence could you confirm that these fightrs have been flown by PAF pilots directly from USA.

Im here paki inbred.

How many of your women were raped for these refurbished f-16s.

Pakis have no dignity. Pakistan is a beggar, Pussy state.

The United States is daily flying predator drones inside Pakistan shooting anything that moves, while dirty Paki civilians only shout from their rooftops in frustration.

Pakistan continues to suck U.S Penis, and inturn gets some used up refurbished F-16's.

Hell, even Iran has enough Balls to stop U.S from entering their airspace.

But Pussy pakis with their Madrassa education can't stop a single Bird.

Thus Pakistans two national birds are the Predator and Reaper

Pakistan is shit.

They even procure 40 Year old, decommissned OHP from the U.S

What beggars. HAHAHAH

Well I guess Pakis are good at prostituting themselves. After All, they were the first to be raped and Invaded throughout history.

hey guys check this blog out

well come on guys even if he writes nothing you some how make him to write something and fight i guess u guys dont get sleep until u mess around with him it seems

LoL... Tushar... Just one word "WOW" what a profanity laced gem(s) you've just written. I guess Anonymous (1) gave you too much credit in suggesting that you would do some comparison b/w F16 & SU-30MKI and keep to the topic, but I guess the whole point of your comment was to disparage the other guy.

Take a Chill pill dude, but keep it up we all need the laughs.

if Pakistan is a beggar,and we give our women than why you prime minister and your people want confirmation that in future you take our women.
i'think mind can not change.
india get afraid from us and want confirmation from america
plz Pakistan not use these weapon for our women and special prime minister( Manmohan Singh).plzzzzzzzz not use for tushar.he cannot handle this plzzzzzzzzzz..
tushar u have no respect for your father.
your india get raped by thousand of Pakistani and now u have feeling that Pakistan also give his women
i'think now Indian people get afraid from Pakistan achievement ..
plz reply i'm waiting for your comment...

I thought this filthy slumdog was taken away in the municipality truck. But it looks like they got their nostrils burned by the dirty smell from this filthy porkypine and disgusted by his skunky pathetic state. They must have kicked his ass before yelling ‘get away m.f. filthy slumdog’. So he is let loose again like a pig in Chinese shop. We are disgusted by this filthy pig-headed slumdog but some people apparently seem getting amused at the dribbling of this filthy monster. I am sure many other slumdogs may be feeling deeply ashamed for his vulgar distasteful comments. I assume not all slumdogs are demented and hard-headed like this particular inbred pig-cum-dog breed.

These cold war will continue till the final touch down will come?
Please keep it up to hobbby. Both top level admin are very serious fox. do not lit a fire, otherwise after bang all nation will feel not only sorry but loss of human race. even they knew the circomtances/the out come. I will say Indian are more eager get into a war with berhaman pride.

pakistani f16 fleet is enough for indian bitches tushar.........

tushar u r an asshole who just sits in his home and boasts about your countries acheivements....while your country cant do shit.......go fuck urself


I honestly couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes at your comments....we need people like you for de-stressing. see what a small nubmer of us paks do to indian minds...???

That's 2 Indians doing 12 Pakis. That too before even making an appearance.

Your opening line sure beats their Arabized greeting.
Pakjabi:"Salaam Walekum"
Punjabi:"I'm here Paki inbred"

Back to the F-16, they are good enough for slaugtering some goats in Khyber-Pakthunkhwa, although I'm not sure if their carcasses could be considered Halal meat.

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