Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pictures of JF-17 Thunder

These pictures are courtesy of X-Man of and CDF

By the end of year 2009, full strength of JF-17 Thunder aircraft squadron will be operational at PAF Base, Peshawar. By 2010, 60% of the airframe and 80% of the avionics will be indigenously produced by PAC and PAF will get 250 JF-17 Thunders by 2015.


some people don't want to listen this that this aircraft is exceptional acheivement in just 5 years compared to LCA whic is flying for almost 8 years and still far away from induction

chinese air force isn't interseted in this aircraft it is just for export,but chinese are more interseted in j10

Wow. Amazing fotos. Thanx for sharing, AsianDefence. u made my day .

Ghufran Ali Quresh let’s hope that we will see pictures of fully armed versions soon

Anonymous @May 9, 2009 5:03 PM
Let’s not waste time in a discussion which has no end, as no one so far is able to provide a single statement that PLAAF officials have said that they are not interested. Lets and see as JF-17 is still going through development phase and once this phase is over PLAAF will take its time to make final decision. I am sure you know the time between first pictures of J-10 and time PLAAF finally acknowledged that they are inducting J-10, although this time period will be shorter as JF-17 is not a secret effort.

First fifty of Pakistan's JF-17s are being equipped with the KLJ-7 radar by China's Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology (NRIET) to allow easy integration of the beyond visual range (BVR) air-to-air missiles such as the Chinese PL-12/SD-10. Radar is said to have a detection range for targets with a radar-cross section of up to 3 m2 is stated to be 120 km against PAF requirement of 100km. Beyond first 50 JF-17 PAF is looking for RC400 (a variant of the Mirage-2000-9’s RDY-2 radar), different AESA options from Europe and improved radar form china. Final decision is expected next year in this regard. Europeans have offered Mica BVRAAM and as well as Meteor BVRAAM as well as different PGMs like French Precision Guided Munition Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM)

PLAAF debate is annoying. J 10 is an excellent aircraft, thats why PLAAF is favouring it over other aircraft. J10 being PLAAF favourite does not mean JF 17 is piss poor. I dont understand peoples logic, if JF 17 is not inducted, according to them "it means PLAAF thinks its a bad aircraft".

I expect the Chinese in the next couple of years offer something better then RC 400. People said PAF would put Grifo 7 system in first 50 aircraft. They were wrong.

How will Pakisthan produce 250 JF-17 within 2015, where HAL is not succeded to produce 230 sukhoi within 10 years after full ToT? What is the MTBO of RD-93 engine & KLJ-7 radar?

Please read my comment as 140 sukhoi instead of 230 & no. of production year of HAL will be 5 years(2004-2009) instead of 10 years.

ABHINBA Complete detail is not available but as per last CAS of PAF, eight are in JF-17 are Pakistan along with 15 that will be assembled/produced this year in Pakistan and then production rate in PAC will go upto 30 JF-17 a year making the total of 195 thunders and remaining 47 might be coming from Chinese production facilities

Early 2009 PAF signed a contract with China for production of 42 JF-17. These are to be assembled over next 3.5 years. So by 2012 PAF will have 8+42 = 50 JF-17.
250 JF-17 may only be possible by 2020, however current production rate is inadequate even for that.

JF-17s jst requipped PAF's No.26 squadron, replacing A5s according to

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