Friday, October 30, 2009


Another toad of an Indian, shouting China threat. Maybe Indians should spend more money on helping its citizens. Superpowers are not solely considered on defense purchases.

Why Indians keep saying China invaded India in 1962. It was Nehru's "Forward Policy" resulting in a war. Maxwell, Neville's "India's China War" would help Indians understand the facts.

The current situation is similar as 1962. The Chinese is more willing to have an execuse to give India a blooding nose and "secure" the border peace for another 50 years.

@Anonymous 9:00am

I completely agree. Superpowers are also considered by their economic power and internation influence.
India may have the military of a rising great power but it's influence and economic power is still not to the standard of a great power yet, never mind a superpower.

India's military build up compared to China's, is actually more provocative if you see the scales. India's building aircraft carriers new destroyers, assimilating new fighter jets building missiles etc. But it's still got a massive percentage of it's population in poverty and most of India is still of an LEDC.
It's interesting to note that Western media doesn't look at India's military expansion like they do Chinas'.


I posted first comment

China is not a superpower or close to one. Cultural and economic impact is very important, needs to be considered.

Only non white nation (America esp) in recent times that has a global economic and cultural power is Japan. Yes military wise their not powerful, but we are living in peace time. For example I just got of my Sony PS3 and logged onto my Toshiba Laptop.

China or Japan or another non white nation need someone like Micheal Jackson, he was famous everywhere. That will put their country on the cultural map.

this article is non sense, some one plz give indians tissues to wipe tears in their eyes.

Love to see chink finks, staying out of their beloved totalitarian, jack-booted, commie ruled country, pontificating on its ‘virtues’ and running down democracies. It would help if these cretins would actually go and live in China, have a party official tell them when they could get their dick up and ensure a single child (no twins or triplets) otherwise it's the high jump.

One wouldn’t be surprised if the lot actually turned out to be progeny of party officials living off the fat of land abroad, in relative comfort of democracies, while their pater, communist party bosses, rob the country blind. What a bunch of jerks.

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