Saturday, October 31, 2009

K-8s arriving in Venezuela by end of the year

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the arrival of Chinese K-8 planes for training and combat by the end of 2009, as part of their fleet modernization with defensive purposes.According to the president the 18 aircrafts, together with Russian Sukhoi fighters will replaced the Mirage fighter jets, six of which were donated to Ecuador.

Referring to the donation to Quito, Chavez also asserted that they are in good technical conditions, rejecting staments by his political rivals.They are in perfect condition and we are satisfied that the Ecuadorian people can use them, said Chavez.

The president also announced that in addition to the Sukhoi (Su-30) and the new K-8 Venezuela would continue using its US manufactured F-16.During his speech, the president insisted on the defensive nature of Venezuela's weapon purchases.We donâ?Öt intend to attack anyone, he said


china is steadily increasing its footprint in military aviation.

pankaj , it's not just china,but pakistan which is increasing it's global footprint in defence.

The K-8 is jointly manufacture by china & pakistan.

pakistan will earn a lot of revenue in royalty, with the increasing popularity of the K-8

Anon, manufacturing is another thing and producing another,pakistan gave some funds for the development of K-8 as PAF wanted a trainer the credit goes to china rather than pakistan.china does not have world class aircraft,but world class western aircaft are very very expensive so china has a niche market for the two fighter aircraft it has produced.

China definately is increasing its global foot print.

Congratulations to the Chinese. They are the new role model for developing Nations.

I still can't belive how the Ugly Inbred Pakis keep claiming the FC-1
is Pakistani somehow?

The Chinese created, designed, tested and even weaponized the fighter Jet, yet the stinky Pakis keep laying claim over it.

even the K8 is Chinese made, designed, tested and marketed, yet the foolish beggar Pakis again claim it is somehow theres?

The Pakis can't even explain what additions they contributed to these projects!!

I guarentee that even the funding Pakistan provided was either US Aid/Welfare/Begging Bowl Change, or either the Welfare/ChumpChange the Chinese threw at these third world terror infested Pakis.

it is understood the bad language used by an defeated and coward indain. Who can only abuse and get jelous.
Coward and slave minded indians should remember what they had in 1947 and what we the brave, intelligent, courageous and talented Pakish had in 1947 absolutely nothing now atleast even if we assembling an aeroplane its very great achievement
Be jeloous who cares

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