Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pakistan Army helicopter crash kills three

A military helicopter crashed in a restive Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan on Saturday, killing three army officials and wounding two others, officials said.The MI-17 helicopter was returning from a routine supply mission to the border areas of Bajaur tribal district when it crashed near Charmung village, a senior military official told.

‘Two pilots — a major and a captain — and a junior officer embraced martyrdom and two others were injured,’ the official said, adding that the aircraft was returning after dropping fuel and rations at a remote military post.Another senior military official said that the crash was caused by a ‘technical fault’ and the chopper came down in an area controlled by security forces.


That is for an air force that is fighting a war with weapon systems that were inducted in 70s and 80 and suffer from decades of sanctions unlike IAF whose record is far worse over decades not a single year

Salute to our brave soldiers.They are fighting for their motherland and doing a brave and commendable job.
Its better not to speak of IAF as everyone knows their ability in peace time. what to speak of in war time?. IAF pilots are crash their jets as if it is a holy act and a kind of worship to their gods.

And what wars has PAF been fighting in 2008, 2007, 2006...

you can just take look at Accidents List for IAF 2000-2009

A total of 179 Accidents and Losses are listed.


Accidents List for PAF 2000-2009

A total of 73 Accidents and Losses are listed.

179 vs 73

Remember that during this period IAF have inducted many new aircrafts, want involved in operations on the other hand PAF had aircrafts that were inducted in 70s and 80s and a decade of sanctions and internal security operations.

Pakis are finally realizing, that sucking on American Penis isn't going to make them white.

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Pakis deserve this.

Even after prostituting itself to America and China for BILLIONS for DOLLARS for 60 years hasn't helped them much.

There economy is shattered, their FOR-EX reserves are empty, and they are getting bombed by Taliban Suicide bombers and American Drones.

Pakistan = Failed Muhammadin pedophile State.

Pride of Islam = Porkistan

Why is there so much cribbing on this?

Pakis! Please take no note of these criticisms. Carry on crashing planes, killing pilots (shortest way to paradise). You have my best wishes in this endeavour.

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