Friday, October 16, 2009

New Army division to be raised in Nagaland

Notwithstanding the much better infrastructure and road connectivity on the Chinese side of the frontier in Arunachal Pradesh, the Army exudes confidence to tackle any eventuality even as a new Army division is being raised in Nagaland.

“In security parlance, infrastructure has a different connotation and road connectivity is only one aspect of preparedness. We are very confident today. We have come a long way since 1962 (when China invaded India), and in 1967 (Nathu La operation) the Army responded very well. Our preparedness is very much at place,” said GoC 3 Corps, Lieutenant General NK Singh.

The 3 Corps, besides looking after Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and North Cachar Hills of Assam, also takes care of east Arunachal Pradesh after the Upper Assam-based 2 Mountain Division was put under its command in May this year. When asked about reports on the much better infrastructure on Chinese side across the McMohan Line in Arunachal Pradesh, the Army commander said the terrain was not as difficult on the other side of the frontier as on the Indian side in Arunachal Pradesh. “The terrain has both advantages and disadvantages. Our confidence is certainly in place,” he added.

He informed a new division of the Army was being raised in Nagaland at Jakhama near Kohima, an overnight journey away from Arunachal Pradesh. The new division will also add teeth to the counter insurgency operation both in Nagaland and North Cachar Hill district in Assam.

The 3 Corps already has two Army divisions — 57 Mountain Division based at Limakhong in Manipur, and 2 Mountain Division at Upper Assam - while a large number of Assam Rifles battalions are under its operational command.

The new division is being raised in Nagaland even as the Centre is preparing to offer a ‘broad-based political package’ next month for resolution of the decades-old Naga political conflict taking rebel groups NSCN-IM, NSCN-K, the public and Church on board.


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Can any body give exact number of paramilitary battalions & Centre Reserve Police already in counter insergency role under 03corps

57- m/div 02-Mountain division plus the newly raised division.can you get me the number allaoted to this div

And what is the intensity of the insergency as such news is not avalible except the inter net

can any one tell me some thing about the mountain corps . its concept . org likel and any other thing regarding that.

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