Sunday, May 16, 2010

Indian Strategic Forces Command to Conduct “New User Trial” of Agni-II Missile

India’s Strategic Forces Command is schedule to flight test of nuclear capable intermediate range ballistic missile Agni-II from the Wheeler's Island off the Orissa coast on May 17.Missile system has a range of more than 2000km and missile for this test will be picked up randomly from the production lot.

Defence Research and Development Organisation officials say that this test is meant to re-establish confidence and authenticate the missile's readiness in the wake of two failed flight tests of Agni missile in May and November last year. In these tests Agni-II dropped into the sea after deviating from its flight path. Both tests were conducted by Strategic Forces Command personnel as part of user training exercise.

DRDO officials attributed these failures to the quality of the material used in the missile and said that there were no flaws in the design of Agni-II.

India has already successfully tested its 3,500-km range Agni-III ballistic missile in February and 700-km range Agni-I in March this year. Agni-II is a two-stage solid-propelled, 21m long nuclear capable ballistic missile.


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