Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now, no record of Navy sinking Pakistani submarine in 1971

The sinking of Pakistani submarine Ghazi in the 1971 Indo-Pak war may have been one of the high points of India's first-ever emphatic military victory but there are no records available with naval authorities on how the much-celebrated feat was pulled off.

As a debate rages over a TOI report on the destruction of all records of the 1971 Bangladesh war at the Eastern Army Command headquarters in Kolkata, it transpires that naval authorities also destroyed records of the sinking of Ghazi.

The troubling finding has been thrown up by a trail of communications among the naval brass. Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi, regarded as a major threat to India's plans to use its naval superiority, sank around midnight of December 3, 1971 off Visakhapatnam, killing all 92 on board in the initial days of the war between India and Pakistan. Indian Navy claims the submarine was destroyed by depth charges fired by its ship INS Rajput. Pakistani authorities say the submarine sank because of either an internal explosion or accidental blast of mines that the submarine itself was laying around Vizag harbour..........................Source


....Pakistani sub......P.N.S-GHAZI on an offensive mission of mining the port of Visakhapatnam- sank while or after laying mines at this stratatagic Indian facility...This alone by a lone Pakistani sub was act of extreame bravery.This sub had sailed from the Pakistani port of Karachi on this important mission.For me as ae muslim it is of no importance that P.N.S Ghazi sank by Explosion by its own mine due change of water current in the confines of the Port of Visakhapatnam or by some Indian hostile action.
As a muslim I salute the courage of all the officers and men of The Pakistani fleet who laid down ther lives in the name of Islam And their country Pakistan

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