Sunday, May 2, 2010

US turns focus to Pakistan’s conventional defence

The United States appears to have realised the importance of strengthening Pakistan’s conventional defence while also enhancing its capability to fight extremists.In doing so, senior US officials also recognised Pakistan’s concerns about India and conceded that Washington’s growing ties with New Delhi were a cause of concern for Islamabad. “We must continue to reassure Pakistan that as it combats the terrorist threat, it is not exposing itself to increased risk along its eastern border,” said Under Secretary of Defence for Policy Michele Flournoy while explaining why the United States needed to strengthen Islamabad’s conventional defence systems as well. 

“Although extremist attacks have led to the repositioning of substantial Pakistani forces, Pakistan’s strategic concerns about India remain pre-eminent.”Under Secretary Flournoy and other senior US officials who spoke to the House Armed Services Committee urged lawmakers to provide funding for billions of dollars of planned US military and civilian aid to Pakistan during the next five years. 

Separately, another senior Pentagon official told journalists in Washington that the sale of F-16 aircraft to Pakistan later this year would be “a sign of this burgeoning relationship between us and increased defence cooperation between our two countries.”In a related development, senior US State and Defence officials said the United States planned to provide $1.5 billion to Pakistan by September 2011 for buying military equipment. During the same period, the United States also plans to reimburse about $2.3 billion Pakistan spent while fighting terrorists along the Afghan border. Of these, $600 million will be quickly transferred to Pakistan while the rest will be reimbursed by September 2011, when the current US fiscal year ends. 

Besides providing military equipment, the United States also has accepted Pakistan’s position that it has genuine interests in Afghanistan and those interests need to be protected.Meanwhile, the US media reports that the United States and Pakistan are establishing a joint military intelligence centre inside Pakistan. The United States is also sending 50 aircraft technicians to Pakistan with four new F-16s it plans to hand over to Islamabad in June. 

By September 2011, Pakistan will receive a total of 18 of these planes. A US military team will accompany these aircraft “to ensure that sophisticated, top-of-the-line avionics, weapons and data systems aboard the aircraft remain secure,” The Washington Post reported.The planes, which for the first time will allow Pakistan to conduct night-time air operations, are far more advanced than the 30-year-old US aircraft that are the current mainstay of the Pakistan Air Force. 

Currently, there are about 200 US military instructors in Pakistan, including 140 from a Special Operations training and advisory contingent.The CIA also has sent additional intelligence-gathering operatives and technicians in recent months and plans are under way to establish a joint military intelligence processing centre in Pakistan. Under Secretary Flournoy said the plans to help Pakistan strengthen its defence “remain vital to our overall goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating Al Qaeda and to enhancing stability in a critical region”. 

Key US lawmakers also back the new Pakistan policy, and have urged action to further increase educational opportunities for Pakistani military officers at US military schools, and faster movement to provide Pakistan with key military hardware, particularly helicopters......................source


That is a right and positive step by US. If the world wants peace in afganistan and in the world then this is what we need to focus otherwise their will not be any end to it. And one important thing which is very very vital and that is to keep india out of Afganistan otherwise it will keep using afgan land and people to destabalize pakistan and in the result their will do whatever it can to secure itself and their will be no end to the afgan war for sure.

Pakistan should work with US in a mutally beneficial relationship. Best for the world. All nations have an international responsibility to progress humanity.

I suspect a troll will crap on my comment very soon?

I don't understand how Pakis can be soo stupid, and illiterate, especially on topics that are constantly convered by all news agencies.

The only destabilizing force in South Asia is Pakistan.

Hamid Karzai and Afghanistans foreign and external minister say it almost every week that Pakistan is involved in almost every terror attack in Afghanistan.

India constantly says Pakistan is involved in funding terrorist organizations.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Chief has said Pakistan is involved on the suicide attacks on his generals.

The U.N nations has banned LET and JUD because they are terrorist organizations, yet they are still functioning and holding rallies in Pakistan.

Iran, Libya, Syria, have claimed they recieved centrifuge technology from Pakistan.

Senior CIA officials claim A.Q Khan worked under the guidance of the ISI.

And you beggar Pakis call India destabilizing?

India Grows at 9% a year, and is the only stabilizing force in South Asia.

But a bankrupt, nuclear proliferating nation, that funds terror, and is hated by all its neighbours is definately a destabilizing force. And that nation is Pakistan.

Now go hold out your beggar bowls, since you are soo stable.

next this Paki inbred is going to say, that Taliban is a creation of India !

hahah pathetic uneducated Pakis.

You have access to Internet, but lack the mentality capibility to understand your reality.

@ tushar
the comment u make shows how illiterate u r!!!!!
the fact a stupid indian came on the thread instability is coming on the blog!!!!
u said about iran!!! hahaha ,,,, the western world says they are the biggest terrorists,,,,, Hamid karzai is an asshole and doesnt have command over anything !!!! u r listening to that person!!!! he is an indian pupet ( northern alliance) what do u think he will priase Pakistan!!!!u moron!!!! talk about instability!!! india is so stable that a few days ago 72 police people died or shall i say butchered my home grown terroists!!!! india is so stable that there are 27 terrorist movements in india going back since independece which indians are unable to control!!!!!
lets see who is more destablizing!!! who fought wars with all its neighbours!!!! who in recent time brought in cold start!!!!
and u also have internet cant u read!!!! this shows monlithic mentality!!!! the world says pakistan is the one fighting war on terror and its playing a pivotal role!!! bet u cant read that coz u r fucked up inbred indian!!!!!

@ tushar
India constantly says Pakistan is involved in funding terrorist organizations.
hahahahah thats the same thing we say about india so it makes it true!!!!
why dont u take that beggar bowl and shove it up ur ass!!!! that will certainly make u stable!!!!!!

@ type 99
man how did u know that about the indian troll??????
to all guys have u ever wondered why tushar is so pissed on Pakistanis????
i believe he was fucked by a pakistani and was not paid any amount thats why he thinks we dont have money!!!!!!
and then he turned hiss ass towards the russians and they fucked him and also paid him!!!! i believe hamid Karzai also paid him dollars for his ass!!!!!

having said that!!!!!
its a great move by the americans coz now they also realize that there should be a balance of power in the region!!!!!!
now i dont believe the indians would say that the equipment will be used by pakistanis on us coz they are buying the equipment just for india now!!!!!

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