Monday, August 2, 2010

Indian Forces short of 14,000 officers:Indian Defence Minister AK Antony

It was almost like a customary proceeding in Parliament, as the question on the shortage of officers in the armed forces popped up yet again. Defence Minister AK Antony, in reply to a query in Lok Sabha today, said: “There is a shortage of about 11,500 officers in the Army, 1,507 in the Navy and 1,237 in the Air Force (a shortage of 14,244 officers in all).” The figures, however, have witnessed a slight change for the better, as Antony, in reply to a similar query during Parliament session in March, showed a shortage of 14,448 officers — 11,500 in the Army, 1,606 in the Navy and 1,342 in the IAF.

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