Saturday, February 20, 2010

Indian Airforce MiG-21 crashes in West Bengal

Indian Air Force MiG-21 Fighter jet crashed soon after take-off from Bagdora in West Bengal on Friday but the pilot ejected to safety, an IAF spokesman said. "The aircraft crashed around 3pm soon after take-off and the pilot, squadron leader Rahul Tiwari, ejected safely," the spokesman added. "The pilot was picked up by an SAR (search and rescue) helicopter and has been taken to hospital," the spokesman said. This is the second crash of an IAF fighter in three days. A MiG-27 had crashed near the Hashimara air base, also in West Bengal, on Tuesday. 

According to Indian defence minister Mr AK Antony, Indian Air Force (IAF) has lost 265 MiG fighter jets in crashes during the last two decades leaving 140 people dead. In the last two decades (since April 1989 and up to 26 November, 2009), 265 MiG fighter aircraft of the IAF have crashed. A total of 96 service personnel and 44 civilians were killed in these cases. Dubbed "flying coffins" for their frequent crashes, only 150-160 of the over 450 single-engine MiG-21s with the IAF are still in service. Last year IAF had lost 13 aircraft in different crashes during the year. The list includes an An-32 transport aircraft, three MIG 27s, three MiG 21s, two Su-30MKIs in Jaisalmer, one each Mi-17 and Mi-8 along with two trainer aircraft.



Message to all Indian pilot:
Please go to the bathroom first and THEN go to the cockpit.

IAF crashed 32 transport aircraft, three MIG 27s, three MiG 21s, two Su-30MKIs in Jaisalmer, one each Mi-17 and Mi-8 along with two trainer aircraft, and last but not least 265 Migs.

Is all this human or mechanical error???
Think of all the taxes, money and resources used to make these planes and then imagine them in a big inferno.

So sad....

Taiser look at the stae of ur country until n uneless u have stuided in a madrasa be careful not to be the live target to the u s a and the comming chinese

About time these flying coffins were phased out, glad there was no loss of life. And yes this is a Pakistani writing this.

Sam what's with all you idiots coming up with the same crap against Pakistan. Be original in something even if it the meaningless and lame insults your pea sized brains can cone up with. Most Pakistanis here don't insult your country yet you and couple more of your retarded friends come up with the same SH@T every time against Pakistan. Grow up you loser....

..Mig-21-Mig-23-Mi8/17/MI-24/35& An-24/26/32..IL76/78 are thought to be safe Air craft.

I would say general perception of Soviet or chinese aircraft are they are simple and safe.

Chinese policy is to replace Crashed Exported aircraft free of cost if manufacturing defect is proven.

All the indian Russian aircraft were inducted with a service record of 50 years.

India had Mig-21 in 1965 war.
problems started when local Indian component was allowed in re-built or local manufacturing.

Human fector and the degraded Indian envoirnament.

low salaries resulting in corruption.

Out dated procedures due to static job structure Baboos having upper hand over tecnocrats.

Brain drain for lucrative salaries in other areas Engineers/Pilots Tech Personal jumping jobs taking premiture retirement.

Burning of solid waste and human remains round the clock not around Airfields buth through out the country 24/7 with animal dropings in and around place of worship in such abundance has degraded the envoirnament.This leads to bird strike.

The manpower coming out of this un healthy envoirnament is not physically or mentally at par with contemporary air forces which India claims to compete like PAkistan & China.

To Sam432...whatever,

Boy, if you got guts look at my profile and you'll find out the shacking truth....

Taiser u ask ur mom where ur father is from coz its she who know about u alone

skyhawk just look at ur own self n ur country and its men n decide who is the looser

Fuk you Sam, now I know why Indian students are being beaten up in Australia..... Indians ARE the racists....

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@taiser kid i wish we have papulation 200 million kid grow up my relatives live in india i know india more than u kid dont tell me dont be jeolus guy what jhon lenin sings for indians pakistan is as good as india same issue u mention r with ur country too look around u will find it .

Dear moderators,
Is this taiser baboon not taking this thread off the even keel?

I had requested you to make all comments moderator approved only.

This motherf**ker is repeatedly regurgitating obsenities :LOL:

He must still be a teenager, first time on the internet. Being a pakistani one can understand. He has two choices:
1. Become a suicide bomber
2. Wage Jihad on the internet.

He chooses the latter, how brave!

Taiser careful,

You might get a canadian visa.

Dilbulla is coming for you pakistanis.

And he will come and stamp all of you.

For you Taiser and other pakistanis from the Quran:

[ 73:10] And remain steadfast in the face of their utterances, and disregard them in a nice manner.

31:18-19] "You shall not treat the people with arrogance, nor shall you roam the earth proudly. GOD does not like the arrogant showoffs. "Walk humbly and lower your voice - the ugliest voice is the donkey's voice."

[4:148] GOD does not like the utterance of bad language, unless one is treated with gross injustice. GOD is Hearer, Knower.

[14:26] And the example of the bad word is that of a bad tree chopped at the soil level; it has no roots to keep it standing.

Kuch samajh mein aya bacchu?

1.Minors, Foreigners gettin raped.
2.Terrorist attacks
3.Lack of Security
4.200 million in poverty
5.60.5 million children not attending school.
6.Deep brushes with China, Pak
7.Corrupt politicians
8.Internal threats(naxals, maoists, etc.)
9.Cops being beaten up
10.High fatality rates on roads
11.Many more things

Right Pakistan is so great in comparision isn't it?
1. Remember Mukhratan Mai? She was just in a scam to get a canadian visa wan't she? Oh I get it, she didn't get the 4 male witnesses to prove rape.
2. Terrorist attacks? Don't make me laugh! Where do all of the terrorists of this world come from? Pakistan.
3. Have you stepped out in the streets in pindi, karachi or peshawar lately?
4. That means 1 billion are not in poverty. India's percapita income is higher than pakistan, that's 1.2 billion indians. Do some basic math will you? There are more muslims in india than in Pakistan.
5. Yes! Every suicide bomber in Pakistan has a high school degree.
6. The last time we remember we crushed Pakistan in 1971, in Kargil Nawaz had to run to washington to save mushy musharraf.
7. India's president is not called 10 %. The happy thing is that your countrymen elected 10%.
8. This means you haven't yet joined sipah-e-sahaba or Lashkar-e-jhangli.
9. Better than pakistan army brigadiers being killed on the streets.
10. Pakistan has no roads so no fatality on roads.
11. Pakistan is a failed state. Dependent on the USA and Freinds of pakistan for aid. And you will get all the AIDS from them. Even Denmark is giving your country aid.

Great going.

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